Is Your Drinking Habit Making You Sick?

It's not unusual to hear of teenagers trying their first cigarettes at fourteen and quickly becoming hooked and the habit continues on into adulthood. The same thing can happen for alcohol, teenagers trying their first drink at fourteen years of age and the habit stays with them for longer than expected. Only a few starts off wanting to be a drug addict or an alcoholic. But this things happen! More and more people are succumbing to alcoholism everyday. The downfall of alcoholism is too long to enumerate right now and can create havoc in a hurry!

Someone who is naturally shy may want to lose his / her inhibitions by indulging a bit in alcohol. The freedom from shyness and anxiety and the feeling of being free from personal emotions is also accompanied by the occasional and often seen lack of judgment that causes him to befriend a bit too much everyone at the party and that can be called a happy drunk. To put it bluntly the normally angry person who would always try to control his indignation would temporarily drop that control when drunk and would become enraged and on occasion explosive. Alcohol acts like a depressant on the brain and it affects the area that regulates self-command and judgment which makes the drinker more susceptible physically and emotionally.

While alcohol is often valued as a social beverage, it can be addictive. The one or two drinks a week can soon enough become a daily ritual and can have consequences on the financial condition, the family and the health of the alcohol consumer. Pretty soon one can not live without a drink and that can be something dear on the budget not to mention the pressure that it puts on the family. Alcohol consumption will eventually have something to say about your sleep which can also have some consequence on the quality of work the next day.

What about obsession? Not only is alcohol getting you into its tight web it can also make the drinker obsessed by alcohol. The only thing that seems to matter to the drinker is to be alone with his drink. Picture yourself being at an important meeting at work and finding ways to leave before the time just to make it before the liquor store closures. The addiction can become so pressing that the person with a boo deficiency will start to have headache or other kind of craving if he does not have his fix. The other side of alcohol addiction is denial. The person with a booze problem can be drinking at all time during the day, even early at dawn and will come up with failed attempts for his lousy behavior. Some liquor dependent fellows will always take with them a flat bottle in their tuxedo pocket.

The harm that alcohol do to your body. Abuse of alcohol over a long period of time has been known to bring hurts and pains such as stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease to name a few. Many alcohol addicts have suffered and died from liver failure or Cirrhosis of the liver. The time to stop indulging in booze is now before it's too late!