Is Your Child Heading For Obesity?


In this day and age there are so many more activities available for children to play indoors. With the advent of mainly television and video games more and more children are happy to sit glued to these devices rather than going out playing and getting exercise. As a result of this sedentary lifestyle that many kids adopt from a young age, the number of children becoming obese is growing. So how can you spot if your child is falling into the trap and is heading for obesity? Well, typically there will be a number of warning signs to look out for:

1. Food. This is the number one cause people think of when you mention obesity – and for good reason. Do not worry about how much your child eats, rather it is important to keep an eye out for what choices they make. Do they prefer fruit or biscuits as a snack? Do they eat between meals? Are desserts eaten at all times of the day? Almost all children have a very sweet tooth and so enjoy sugary treats but these as with anything should be eaten in moderation.

2. Lethargic. If your child rarely or never goes out for physical exercise the likelihood is that hey are not consuming the correct vitamins required for energy and growth. If they spend all day rooted in front of the television screen or the computer then this is probably they are the only activities they feel like doing. A child can’t be forced to go out and do exercise if they feel too lethargic so the first step is to eat a healthy diet.

3. Sleep. Children and adults tend to sleep more when they are low on energy as sleep helps the body recuperate. So if your child tends not to surface until midday or after then, again, they are missing out on vital vitamins and nutrients. Also, although outdoor exercise is indeed tiring it does energize the body and gives exposure to the Sun which provides vitamin D.

Preventing your child becoming obese means watching for the signs and encouraging your child towards healthier options. Getting them interested early on in healthy foods and exercise will mean a much happier and longer life for your child.