Is Your Cat Vomiting?

Many people have questions about their cat’s health and what to look out for with regard to cat health issues. If your cat is vomiting you need to find out what the problem is.

Every cat owner will have to clean up cat vomit at some stage and you need to investigate just why your cat is vomiting. Not the most pleasant of subjects I know, but it is one that needs addressing. One possible reason for cats to vomit is hairballs lodged in their throat. If your cat seems to cough often then suddenly vomits up the last meal, it could be that a hairball or even strands of fur have been caught when grooming. Usually the cat will only vomit once as the offending item has been expelled.

If your cat keeps vomiting, then it is wise to investigate further. Have you changed pet foods? Could it be a reaction to that? Have you just put on a flea collar? This can cause nausea for a day or two. Make sure that no-one has put out any poisons to catch rats or mice. If your cat has access to outdoors, are there any snail pellets around, or has the garden been sprayed to eliminate weeds. If you are able to answer yes to any of these questions, a trip, or at least a phone call, to the vet will be necessary. Your vet may be able to suggest treatment that you can carry out at home. If you are unsure about any of the above, I would advise taking your cat to the vet immediately.

If your cat has been vomiting, I suggest you stop feeding for 24 hours, just as you would with children. You cat’s stomach will be sore and inflamed and will need to recover. Give your cat small amounts of water for 24 hours then introduce some bland foods such as cooked white rice or similar. The following day mix some bland food with a little cat food to see how they tolerate it. Don’t give your cat milk as this will cause further vomiting. Keep an eye on how your cat looks and how well it is tolerating the food before going back to normal feeding.

Understanding your cat and being aware of what is happening with it will help you keep it in top condition and health. By forming a bond with your cat early, not only will you notice when something is wrong, your cat will come to you for help.

A number of years ago my cat Tikki was due to give birth and decided to snuggle into bed with me one night. I woke the next morning feeling wet as her waters had broken. She lay between by stomach and bent legs and gave birth to five beautiful kittens. I had been paying special attention to her when she was pregnant and she understood that being with me was safe. I had also helped her with previous births when she was in trouble.

When she was due to give birth for her final litter she disappeared for a day. This didn’t worry me unduly as I was sure she was nesting and would let me know when she was ready. When I went for my morning cup of coffee the next day, she was lying in the entrance to the kitchen, in great distress. I rang the vet and he arranged to me me at his surgery immediately. Apparently her uterus had twisted around completely, cutting off all food and nutrients to the kittens which had died and were therefore poisoning her. She was saved but unfortunately none of the kittens made it. The point of this story is that if your cat knows she can trust you and that you will help her, she will let you know when there is a problem, just as Tikki did.

It doesn’t have to be as drastic as what happened with Tikki. Other cat health symptoms can include being off her food, dull eyes, lethargy, vomiting, problems with using the litter box, or suddenly lashing out when stroked or petted.

It is important for you to know what is wrong as soon as possible. Questions you need to ask yourself must include how long has she been ill and is a trip to the vet necessary.

Try to serve your cat’s food at room temperature. Food taken straight from the fridge can also cause your cat to vomit. If time is short or you have forgotten, just give it a few seconds in the microwave to bring it back to room temperature.

Remember, cats will eat grass to induce vomiting, often to help them get rid of fur that has lodged when they are grooming. Grooming your cat regularly can help eliminate hairballs.

Cat care and cats health go hand in hand. Caring for your cat will make you more aware of any health problems as they arise. This will increase the bond between you and give you a much richer relationship. Healthy cats are likely to live longer as well, another added bonus.