Is Wonder Woman Just Her Breasts?

Sometimes I wonder; How hard it must be to be a beautiful woman.

No matter who you are or where you are, a beautiful woman can just stop you in your tracks. Even for a moment. That happened to me this weekend.

I went to my (Dance) Church as usual this Sunday and our door attendant was a no-show. So I sat in. I'm glad I did.

As I'm standing there doing my doorman duties, a dark-haired woman walked up with her friends. My mouth dropped open. For a split second I seriously though it was Lynda Carter, TV's Wonder Woman from the 1970's come to pay us a visit.

But it was not. The woman, we'll call her "R", was Lynda Carter's splitting image! Hair, face, seriously! Lynda's eyes are blue, "R's" are green. "R" is of slower build but still shapely. Lynda as we know; Is an Amazon.

After I was done with the door duties I joined them on the dance floor. She was having fun but was too inhibited. As beautiful woman often are. Too busy busy about how she looks to really enjoy herself.

After the class was over I made her acquaintance. She told me that not only was she aware of her startling resemblance to Lynda Carter, not only had she and Carter met once at a party, but that she had actually auditioned for the new Wonder Woman re-make. They told her her breasts were not big enough. Really?

So they have been trying to make a live-action Wonder Woman movie for what, 10 years now? Then they made that ridiculous TV re-make which never saw the light of day. One of the main reasons none got anywhere is because no one can forget Lynda Carter's perfection as Wonder Woman in the 1970's.

And now here's a woman who is a literal echo of Lynda Carter and they tell her her breasts are not big enough !?

I remember reading a TV Guide review of Wonder Woman in the 1970's as it was due to be taken for low ratings. Quote: "The only two things holding up this show are the two things holding up the costume!" UN-quote.

So really, is Wonder Woman only her breasts? And by extension, is any woman only her breasts?

I remember when I was living in San Francisco, and as I walked down market street I saw two posters. One of an African Woman, beautiful, serene, bare-breasted. It was an ad for an African band that had come to town. Further down I passed the porno store. A woman was in a poster in the window, white, in a white leather jumpsuit (striking a Wonder Woman pose no-less) and the jumpsuit had cut outs and her breasts were exposed. I was repulsed.

Then I had to ask myself; Why these two different reactions to two different set of breasts? The first just made the woman's breasts seem natural, a part of her and a part of nature. The next, had the woman's breasts aimed at me like weapons. Highly sexualized and I can not even say they were natural.

Since then I've seen women breasts feed their babies (beautiful), and women without bras.

So no; I do not think women are just their breasts. Full disclosure; As a Gay man women's breasts are not exactly my staple food. But what I have also noticed are the differences in the way Gay men and women and straight women view Wonder Woman.

I've read article after article written by Gay's & Lesbians and Feminist on what Wonder Woman means to them. An Icon, an inspiration, a dream, a goal, a sister, a friend, and even a lover.

Straight men, by in large, no-so-much. It's all about the Ta-ta's. "Lynda Carter was my boyhood fantasy!" I've heard it a hundred times.

I think even La Carter herself would state that she's far more than just her breasts. That anyone woman is more than just her breasts.

I could be wrong, but I'm thinking Lynda, "R", and all of the other beautiful women in the world would like you to hear that.

What is it they all ways say? "HELLO! I'M UP HERE!"