Is Tuberculous Curable by Diet Management?

Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the most feared diseases. This is true even after years of known results that it is now no-more the incurable monster. It's good news for those who are unaware of this fact TB is completely curable through medication and sometimes surgeries.

But is tuberculosis curable by managing one's diet? YES! What else can be a better way to counter TB than following a healthy and carefully-monitored diet?

That's why we bring you some food materials such as milk, plants and vegetables which function as the nature's army to render tuberculosis curable with recommended medication as a major foundation.

The food stuffs that answer this question in the best possible manner: "Is tuberculosis curable by diet management?" are as follows:

  1. Milk Diet – The main component that the body needs when suffering from TB is calcium and what other source is milk is a better option? For a proper milk diet to be followed, a fast of about 3 days which includes raw juices should be done. Sipping of raw or unpasteurized milks slowly such that it gets diluted with the saliva produces best results for digestion too. So when planning on a full milk diet, the patient should have a glass of milk in every two hours in a twelve hour window on the first day. On day two, a glass and a half should be taken by the patient every hour. Gradually, the milk intake can be increased until the patient takes a glass in every thirty minutes. Doctors suggest 6 liters and 5 liters of milk everyday for men and women respectively.
  2. Pineapple – This fruit dissolves mucus and thereby, quickens recovery. One glass of rich pineapple juice everyday is highly recommended by the doctors. Pineapple juice was quite in vogue in earlier times when tuberculosis was very common.
  3. Orange – One glass of orange juice with a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of honey should be taken by a TB patient. The saline action of this mixture lessens expectoration in the lungs and protects the body from other infections.
  4. Banana – The regular usage of bananas are very useful in the tile cure of tuberculosis. Other than the fruit, the plantain's juice is also helpful for the same. Experts believe that it cures the patients in advanced stages with regular cough, widespread expectation and high fever within two months.
  5. Mint – A teaspoon of mint juice mixed with pure malt vinegar and equal parts of honey should be added to 120 ml of carrot juice. This medicinal tonic when given 3 times a day liquefies sputum, nourishes the lungs, increases the body's immunity and results the ill-effects of anti-tuberculous medicines.
  6. Drumstick – Another concoction of drumstick leaves in 200 ml of water heated up till boiling point. This soup should be boiled for 5 more minutes. Then, it should be allowed to cool down. This drink should be consumed in the morning every day. To improve the taste, a pinch of salt, pepper and lime juice can be added.

Hope these food items are a plausible answer to the question: Is tuberculosis curable?