Is Thrush in Adults Contagious and Transmittable to Others?

So many adults, once diagnosed with thrush, ask: "Is thrush in adults contagious and transmittable to others?" One's concern is definitely valid because a yeast infection in the mouth can definitely be passed on to another person that does not have a thrush infection. If you have recently been diagnosed with thrush you will want to take preventive measures to make sure you do not inadvertently give the condition to someone else.

Breastfeeding Mother's and Thrush

If you are breastfeeding a child and you have an oral yeast infection, it means you have an overgrowth of Candida in the body that can be passed from the mother to the newborn child.

If possible, you may want to switch to using an appropriate formula until your Candida condition subsides: this will give the child the nutrition he or she needs until you are healthy again. You will also want to make sure you wash your hands every time you plan on picking up the child or if you intend on interacting with the child physically; this will reduce the chances of passing your condition onto the child via touch.

Thrush and Close Relations

If you have close or intimate relations with another person via kissing, you may pass on the thrush to the non-infected person. This is even more likely if the person you are interacting with has a weak immune system or oral hygiene issues like periodontal disease, sensitive and bleeding gums, or if he or she is on a course of antibiotics that is diminishing the amount of Candida fighting bacteria in the body. Refrain from intimate contact until your Candida is dealt with effectively.