Is There Really A Sleep Paralysis Cure? Here is the Truth Greedy Money Makers Will not Tell You

Sleep paralysis is just one of those easy to dismiss conditions until you have experienced it. Suffering repeated attacks of this condition will no doubt leave you wanting a sleep paralysis cure. Having gone through the panic and anxiety attacks myself I know how it feels like too. Waking up in the morning feeling weakened and restless over a period of time does take its toll.

Is there a cure for sleepless paralysis in the first place? If you are interested in a medicine or some form of prescribed drug the answer is no. Whilst there are drugs available for people with sleep paralysis they do not necessarily cure it. One way of approaching this problem is simply by preventive measures.

There are certain things and behaviors that are known to bring about episodes of this condition and by avoiding these things then you will not experience any attacks. Since it happens when the brain suddenly awakes during REM the idea is to avoid things that will interfere with your sleep pattern. So you might consider this to be a sleep paralysis cure.

Even in your state of sleep the brain will be able to respond to external stimuli. You can easily drift out of sleep if the stimulus is strong. If it is weak however as in the case of leaving the lights on, or the TV or radio you will experience periods of partial consciousness increasing the chances of you having an attack.

As I mentioned earlier sleep paralysis cure is basically about preventive measures. The attacks can be brought on by so many different reasons. It would be a good idea to get to know all the possible causes of this condition and prevent any future occurrence.