Is There A Relation Between Anger And Heart Disease In Men?

We’ve all seen a T.V. show, or a movie with someone getting mad and having a heart attack. We’ve all heard the same scenario. You’re going to cause me to have a heart attack. In truth is there any relationship between anger and heart disease in men?

Studies have been done to test to see what the real correlation between anger and heart disease in men. The results seem prove that the picture of anger causing heart attacks is right on target.

Tests have proven that men who anger quickly under stress are more prone to develop early heart disease and have heart attacks at an early age.

What’s The Link Between Anger And Heart Disease In Men?

The truth is men are more likely to display anger when they are stressed. Most men don’t recognize the connection of stress and anger until heart attack strikes.

Why would anger cause heart disease and heart attacks? Scientists have proven that when you are angry the body reacts as if it were under attack. There is a rush of adrenaline and your body speed up preparing to defend itself.

Angry men cant go out and attack someone, so the energy and stress is stored inside. Your nervous system is burning with all the energy from the stress only there’s no way to release it. Its what happens during this time that creates the relationship between anger and heart disease in men.

Anger causes a release of cholesterol and several other chemical into the bloodstream. The release of these chemicals speed the development of fatty deposits in the heart and carotid arteries. These fatty deposits can lead to disease and heart attacks. Whether the anger is displayed or not, the body has the same reaction thus the eventual results are the same.

Some people believe that’s its not good to hold your anger in. While that’s true to some degree expressing your anger can lead to more anger which leads to more chemicals being released. Therefore it does nothing to prevent the increased potential for heart problems. The best solution is to learn to eliminate the anger before it occurs.

Research has shown that anger can contribute to heart disease just as much as being overweight, lack of exercise, and smoking.

There is no clear-cut solution for men who tend to have a short anger fuse. The best suggestion is to try to learn to control and eliminate anger in life.

Learning how to control anger and stress can go a long way to preventing early heart disease and early heart attacks.