Is There A Known Psoriasis Cause?

You may already know that psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious skin disease that millions of people suffer from in the United States. If you have this problem yourself, you may be wondering what the psoriasis cause is. And there are many differing opinions on this …

Scientists, researchers and medical professionals feel psoriasis is caused by a problem with our body's own immune system. Sometimes referred to as an imbalance of the immune system, and sometimes referred to as an over reaction of our immune system.

When something happens to cause our body's immune system to kick in, it reacts in ways to protect itself. With psoriasis, it does this through the skin. Normally a human body sheds it's dead skin cells about every thirty days. During those thirty days, new skin cells are developing deep below the surface of the skin, and slowly rising to the top. By the time our existing skin cells are ready to shed, the new ones have risen to the top to replace them.

With psoriasis however, this process is accelerated. The new skin cells rise to the surface much more rapidly – within three to five days in fact. So they reach the surface before the existing skin is ready to start shedding. This creates a pile up of skin material, which manifests itself in the common form of psoriasis which involves having flaky scales.

Medical professionals say psoriasis may be caused by specific events, or triggers in our lives. People often develop psoriasis after a specific incident happens for instance. These psoriasis causes are referred to as triggers, and they're often similar types of incidents. Getting a severe illness or infection such as strep throat for instance, is often a psoriasis cause. Other things such as hitting a time of extreme stress in your life can also be a psoriasis cause though.

Alternative medicine specialists disagree on these points however. They feel psoriasis is caused by much deeper problems within your body and it's major internal organs.

The liver for instance, is thought to be a psoriasis cause if it's not functioning properly. Since the liver is our body's waste disposal and toxin filtering facility, if that organ is not working properly that can cause toxins and waste to be backed up in our bodies. And when those toxins get backed up, our body tries to release them in other ways, such as through the skin.

Another major organ in your body thought to cause psoriasis is the colon. Since your colon is the primary method used within our bodies to remove waste and toxins, if that is not working properly it can cause psoriasis among many other health conditions.

By cleaning your liver, helping it to repair and heal, and flushing all the built up toxins from your colon, alternative medical specialists feel you'll be eliminating the true psoriasis cause instead of simply treating the symptoms as mainstream medical professionals do.

Note: Statements in this article are not approved by the FDA, and should not be considered as professional medical advice.