Is There A Cure For Toe Nail Fungus

Is there a cure for toe nail fungus? Nail fungus can affect you at any time during your life. As a matter of fact it has affected over 30 million people in the United States alone. Although it is not a life threatening disease, it is an ugly sight to see. The fungus can cause your toe nail or finger nail to become badly damaged if it is not treated soon enough.

A few people seem to think it is for their own good if they go to see their Doctor about their fungus problem, but taking medication can be just as dangerous as not treating the fungus, because the medication may have cause some other side affects and even their visit to the Doctor will be expensive. In other words, they will have to pay to see the Doctor and pay for the medication. But, there are a few people who decide to try toe nail fungus remedies for the fungus under their nails.

Here some ways for you to prevent toe nail fungus:

1. Keep your feet dry, avoid constant moisture

2. Avoid nonporous, closed shoes made of synthetic materials

3. Wear absorbent socks, preferably cotton or wool

4. Wear water-proof sandals when public showers

Also, after showering or swimming, dry your feet completely with a clean towel. Keep your nails cut short. Be sure to wash you hands with soap and hot water after touching your own nail fungus or someone else who has nail fungus.

One of the best ways to cure your toe nail fungus is by using a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil, make sure you spread it on and around the nail bed of the infected area. This may not work as fast as medication, but at least you will not have to worry about any side affect. Also you may want to try a toenail fungus remover product that has been proven to work.