Is There a Correlation Between Cell Phones and Brain Tumors?

There have been many studies conducted that indicate that there could be a correlation between cell phones and brain tumors. As a matter of fact, these studies actually lead medical professionals and other types of specialists to believe that there is, in fact, a relationship between the development of brain tumors and frequent phone use.

As a matter of fact, legislators in the State of Maine recently tried to get a bill passed in which cell phone manufacturers would have to put the following warning on their phones prior to distributing them to retailers:

"… This device emits electromagnetic radiation, exposure to which may cause brain cancer …"

– Courtesy of Video

While this particular request to pass this bill failed in March of 2010, the Federal Drug Administration is encouraging companies that manufacture these devices to create phones that help eliminate the increased exposure to the radiation that increases the risks associated with brain tumors and the onset of brain cancer.

What do the Professionals Have to Say?

The medical professionals and various researchers that have studied the effect of long term cell phone use state that there could be a biological based issue involved that result in issues that pertain to the tissues in the body.

These professionals stand by the fact that cell phones have not really been in use long enough to provide concise statistical data that supports the claims, but they also stand by the fact that the possibilities are there that there could be a direct correlation between brain cancer and the use of this type of mobile device.

While cell phones are found to meet the FCC's standards for safety, but medical professionals are urging individuals that use these phones to understand that there could be a potential issue and to use the devices with caution.

Preventing Brain Tumors with Cell Phone Use

Based on the epidemiological studies conducted by those that are interested in establishing the link between cell phone use and brain tumors, the evidence is not sufficient enough to say that there is a direct link. However, these professionals do believe that there are some strategies that may be used to successfully prevent the possibility that brain tumors may develop as a result of phone use. The following prevention strategies seem to be logical based on what is known about this link:

• Individuals that use a cell phone should keep the mobile device as far away from their body as possible to reduce the exposure to the radiation that is discharged from the device.

• There are many hands-free and standard headsets that may be used in conjunction with cell phones. Those that are concerned about their exposure to radiation should use these cell phone accessories.

• Individuals that have a family history or a personal medical history that includes any type of tumor and / or cancer – specifically in the head and spinal cord region – should have regular checks to ensure that they are in the clear on such medical complications as newly developed tumors.

If these strategies are incorporated when cell phones are used, an individual's chance of developing a brain tumor may be drastically reduced.