Is The Pneumonia Serious One Or Just A Walking One, Look For These Symptoms

Whats serious is that- its Pneumonia, what could be better- is Walking Pneumonia. Yes, Walking Pneumonia is the common term used for the milder version of the Pneumonia that which usually do not end up in a disability. Here you could still lead your life as normal.

This mild attack is caused by bacteria and hence also know as Atypical form of Pneumonia. This condition is widely noticed in school age children.

The symptoms can be annoying and prolong for as long as a month. Normally it starts with dry coughs and some pain while breathing in the lungs. As time passes, the coughs may become deep, and you may experience headaches with coughs. Abdominal pain and chills are also other common signs.

All these symptoms may last for a long time. While some people also feel dizzy and loose their appetite, others complain of diarrhea. If you are showing these signs, its a good ideas to avoid driving and stay safe. If you see coughs with mucus or blood, then it is a symptoms of severe Walking Pneumonia.

With children, they are usually playing around with the cough even after recovering from a fever and this is a typical case of Walking Pneumonia. It may start off like a common cold or flu and later get worse with fever and also sore throat in some kids. The symptoms seem to get bad during the night and take about a month to recover. However, even after the major symptoms are gone and feel that they are cured, some symptoms such as muscle pain, headache and chest pain along with cough lingers on for a while.

Even a rash with mycoplasma can cause Walking Pneumonia. Though it is not a lethal sickness, timely and adequate treatment is a must to save yourself getting any worse. It does respond well to medications and immediate medical help should be sought as soon as the symptoms show up.

These symptoms usually last for a long time. Some cases also feel loss of consciousness and hence driving is not advisable at this stage. Loss of appetite and diarrhea are the other combined symptoms. The severe form is when coughs come up with mucus or blood and the person is also throwing up.

In the case of children, it may start like a normal cold or flu. They start coughing which may get bad as time goes and turn into fever and sore throat. The night times are usually the peak times where coughing is really bad. Recovery is easy with medical attention, however complete recovery from muscle pain, headache and chest pain may take a while.

Be it a kid or adult, sometimes even just a rash with mycoplasma can also lead to Walking Pneumonia. It may not require any bed treatment, but immediate diagnosis followed by medical treatment is highly advisable as it may turn ugly if not taken care.