Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

Have you ever wondered is psoriasis hereditary? Well, if you have you have been harping on stuffs that are pretty tricky. Several researches have been carried out to find out the exact reasons behind this disease but nothing has been properly ascertained. However if you ask is psoriasis hereditary – yes is the likely answer. This is because studies have revealed some broad reasons behind the occurrence of this skin disease and these include hereditary, genetics and malfunctioning immune system. However, some researches claim that environmental reasons are also responsible for this skin disease. In children infections and respiratory troubles also cause psoriasis.

So why exactly is psoriasis hereditary? This skin disorder is thought to be hereditary because it has been noticed that if one parent suffers from psoriasis about 10% kids get affected. And if both the parents suffer from psoriasis almost 50% of the kids fall victim to it. This is why your answer to the question is psoriasis hereditary is a yes. Children inherit certain genes from parents who suffer from psoriasis and these genes are predisposed to psoriasis. If your ancestors suffered from psoriasis chances are pretty high that you too will be affected by psoriasis. Around 50% of psoriasis patients suffer due to hereditary reasons.

When you are gathering knowledge about psoriasis hereditary there is something you will need to understand clearly. Though this skin disease is inherited it is not passed on from parents to their children in a simple manner like that of hair color. When you get your answer to psoriasis hereditary you will also understand this inheritance involves multiple genes. This is why is becomes almost impossible to understand the source of the gene. If you inherit psoriasis you will start experiencing the flare-ups during older childhood or younger adulthood. Inherited psoriasis can also be triggered by strep throat or any kind of infection.

You will also need to consider a different aspect when you ask is psoriasis hereditary- this aspect is the non hereditary psoriasis. Apart from hereditary, immune and genetics are also important causes of psoriasis. The non hereditary type of psoriasis first makes it appearance during the middle ages. They change far more rapidly than the hereditary type of psoriasis. It varies with the extent of skin involved-and that too unpredictably. This time of psoriasis may come and go, changing in intensity. Your query about is psoriasis hereditary will never be complete if you do not understand the non hereditary type.

After you have got an answer to the question is psoriasis hereditary you will need to know the treatments that are available for the same. There are quite a few medical treatments that you can adhere to. These are phototherapy, photochemotherapy, topical treatment, systematic treatment and cognitive behavior therapy. There are several home remedies that can effectively treat psoriasis and you can try them out. Ayurveda can provide a very effective treatment for psoriasis of almost all variants. Once you know is psoriasis hereditary and its treatments you can effectively combat the skin disorder.