Is Pleurisy Serious and How to Prevent it

Is pleurisy serious? Well, that all depends. You see, for any condition, any disease to be serious, it’s more a question of how healthy you are, rather than how serious a disease is.

If you are healthy, then no disease and certainly not pleurisy is serious.

So let’s look at some of the things that so compromise your immune system, it’s really hard for your body to prevent disease or recover from it.

  • medication, drugs and vaccines
  • fast, junk, processed foods, soft drinks
  • lack of quality sleep
  • a lack of exposure to the sun on bare skin
  • no relaxing time for you
  • no contact with nature

If you can start addressing some or all of the areas that you can see as contributing to your compromised immune system, then you will experience a surge of energy as your health returns.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your immune system is to start using homeopathic medicine for any health problem. Homeopathy works by improving your immune system quickly, so that it can cure you.

The cure comes from your improved health.

You can either see a professional homeopath or start to use some home prescribing medicines. Preferably both.

So instead of asking, is pleurisy serious, ask yourself instead, am I looking after myself or am I looking for outside health resolution? If you expect every ailment to be fixed by a pill or shot, you’re going to be sadly disappointed. You have to take responsibility for your health.

It doesn’t work any other way. It never did and it never will.