Is Obesity a Sin in Christianity?

For all Christians our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is our icon of existence. He is the point of comparison for all our actions, thoughts and endeavors. It is by him and for him that we try to live our lives. To understand whether or not obesity is a sin in Christianity we must first understand why any of us could be obese.


Having a wealthy appetite than the normal man that allows us to consume more food in our bodies than others is not a sin. However eating without control to the point whereby we can hardly take care of ourselves and become a burden onto others is a sin. Being obese is not the sin but the result of it. Our bodies are the temple of God. We must remember to look after them in the same way that we would look after a church or anything that we care about. If we have a wealthy appetite we are bound to eat more than the normal person, however controlling one’s self is also a part of our Christian faith. We are examples to others as our Lord and savior was and so setting a good example for others to follow is important. Eating without control is unhealthy and limits whatever help we can offer others. For this reason we are not fulfilling our duty or loving our neighbor as ourselves. Eating selfishly to meet our own needs is a sin. Being obese is the result of this sin.


Eating more than usual due to depression, frustration or other reactions of a similar nature is not committing a sin. Once more if the result of this is obesity then the obesity is not the sin. The Lord judges us based on our thoughts and actions and he is aware of our responsibilities and the pressures we face in life. However he has also given us his Word to learn from and understand how to cope in life. For Christians our faith and understanding has a lot to do in how we think and react in life. Time is afforded anyone to overcome negative thoughts. During these times food could be a means to a solution. However abusing our bodies excessively with food or alcohol or anything for that matter is a sin as we are destroying the temple of God. We must learn to do everything in moderation as we are not only responsible to ourselves but to those around us.


Sometimes we are obese because we were born that way or it is in our genes. This is not a sin. It is beyond our control and it is who we are.

It must be noted here that obesity itself is not a sin. We sin when we go against the commandments of God. The method by which we became obese is what we are judged upon. If we exhibit greed to become obese, then the sin is in the greed and not the result of it.