Is My Thyroid Making Me Fat And What Can I Do About It?


Is your thyroid making you fat? Well 20 million American's are overweight when they need not be because they have a thyroid disorder they do not even know about.

So yes there is a chance your thyroid could account for your weight gain and you may not even know about it. The problem is that when someone has a thyroid disorder it is often misdiagnosed.

The problem is there are many symptoms which you can suffer from if you have low thyroid function. Also the symptoms can be more severe in one person compared to someone else when they have a thyroid disorder.

It makes diagnosing an underactive thyroid difficult for medical professionals. Still if you have gained weight without a change in diet or lifestyle there is a good chance your thyroid is to blame.

Anyone Can Suffer With Hypothyroidism

I have a friend who was first diagnosed with a thyroid disorder at 9 years old. It can strike anyone at any time. The symptoms vary but the most common one is gain gain.

The reason being is when you have low thyroid function you do not produce as much thyroid hormone as before. Thyroid hormones help regulate many bodily systems including your metabolism.

When you have an underactive thyroid it slows down your metabolism meaning you are more susceptible to weight gain. As the calories that enter your body now take longer to burn.

You eat the same amount but your body has a hard time burning them off and it leads to weight gain. So your weight issues may not be your fault. It could just be your thyroid slowing your metabolism.

What Can You Do To Lose Weight With Low Thyroid Function?

Well the simple solution is to kick-start your metabolism so your start to burn calories faster. This is easier than you might imagine. It can be as simple as changing your diet.

You can change your diet to a 70/30 carbohydrate / protein diet which is like a "bio-hack" to kick-start your metabolism. To start such a diet is not too difficult either.

You can get all the ingredients you need at your local supermarket and it does not involve making your own yoghurt or soaking beans overnight. You can easily prepare nutritious meals in minutes which all the family can eat.

You Just Have To Follow Some Rules

There are a few rules to follow to kick-start your metabolism; such as certain foods to avoid which slow the metabolism down. There are foods which you can eat too which will help you feel full so you can eat less through the day.

It is just a matter of educating yourself through research and understanding your condition. It begins with discovering if you do have low thyroid function first.

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

The main symptoms you suffer from when you have low thyroid functions are:

· Unexplained weight gain

· Skin becoming drier / scaly

· Hair loss from eyebrows

· Depression

· Anxiety

· Tiredness and Fatigue

Yes all the above are common symptoms when you're suffering from low thyroid function and to overcome these symptoms a change in diet and lifestyle can be all that is needed. There is a lot of information out there on the web to help get you started.