Is Medication Needed To Prevent Serious Heart Diseases In Older Women?

Heart diseases are still under diagnosed, especially for older women. In addition to it, there is a lack of potential and reliable treatments for these grave diseases. The medications which are already available are specifically manufactured for men and hence, can prove detrimental in the case of older women. Drugs like pravachol, Lipitor and Zocor can diminish the risks of heart attacks but have serious side effects also.

In addition to it, these heavy medications have not been successful in curbing the heart attack rates of older women who have high levels of cholesterol but lack previous histories of heart problems. Thus, those older women who fit into this category should not take statin at any cost.
But the basic confusion lies in the fact that the risk of heart attacks can get elevated due to high cholesterol levels and statin in one of the reliable drugs to the increase in cholesterol.
Anyhow, the role of statin in reducing the chances of heart attacks has not been discovered, as yet.

In fact, it's also proven that statin can function as a savior for older women who had previous histories of heart attacks, both mild and major ones. In one of the surveys conducted by the study of heart protection, it was clearly revealed that PROSPER, LIPID and ASCOT do not play a leading role in reducing the number of heart attacks. Furthermore, the increase in cases of breast cancer in older women, have also increased the mortality rate. Even if, the mortality rates due to heart attacks may have deteriorated, the newly discovered cases erase the essence of it.
Medication can not be completely reliable in the cases of women who have suffered minor heart attacks or possess the symptoms revealing their upcoming occurrence. In addition to it, there is no significant role played by the herbal treatments for the reduction of heart attacks. Most of the medications used have resolved into serious side effects. Along with it, they weakened the immune system and proper functioning of the body. Moreover, the other heavy medicines also have detrimental impact on the infants. Thus, they can not be taken by nursing and pregnant mothers.

In a nutshell, the flawless medicine sector has still not endowed the womankind with reliable medications to cure the heart attacks, or even for that matter, to reduce their occurrence.