Is Lymphedema Curable?

This is often asked by those who suffer from this condition. Approximately 3 million people in the US suffer from Lymphedema and it is caused by a variety of reasons. Some people develop Lymphedema for no apparent reason. However, it can be caused by surgeries performed for different types of cancer. The surgeries may cause damage to the lymph nodes and they will swell. This, in turn causes blockages that prevent fluids from draining.

The result can be painful and prevent those who are suffering from this condition from performing simple tasks. Therefore, it is natural that one of the common questions, "Is Lymphedema curable?" is often asked by those who suffer from this debilitating condition. The answer is no, it is not, but there are treatments that can help the body to transport the fluids back into the lymphatic system and provide relief from pain.

Lymphedema, when left untreated can cause a number of other problems. Infections, gangrene and even amputation of the affected limb may become necessary. The areas most often affected are the arms and legs. Researchers have been studying this condition for many years and the most recent breakthroughs have shown some amazing results. One that has been developed and has shown to be quite beneficial is the use of a Lymphedema pump. The pump helps by draining the fluid away from the affected area and back into the lymphatic system, which mimics the body's natural way of disposing of the fluids.

The Lymphedema pump has an attached sleeve that is placed on the arm or leg and as it inflates and deflates, it causes the fluid to be pushed away from the area and back into the lymphatic system. Many people who have suffered from Lymphedema for years have found this to be a very effective way of providing relief from pain and swelling. Additionally, the use of a Lymphedema pump can help those who have this condition to be able to exercise, which is recommended by doctors to treat Lymphedema.

The Lymphedema pump is portable and can be easily transported. Therefore it is not a problem to take along on vacation, on a business trip or a family visit. They are quiet allowing them to be used even while watching television. The pumps are also covered by most insurance plans when a physician determinates that they are a medical necessity. For those who are suffering from Lymphedema, the pumps provide a major source of relief from the pain and swelling associated with this condition.

Another benefit that the Lymphedema pump can provide is for those who may suffer from circulation problems or surgeries that may require being immobile for a period of time. They can help to reduce the risk of developing blood clots. Is Lymphedema curable? No, there has been no cure developed as yet; however, many have found relief from the pain and swelling by using a Lymphedema pump. Furthermore, they have regained the ability to perform tasks for themselves and return to a normal life.