Is Jock Itch Contagious?


When you develop jock itch you will be plagued with a red rash that produces intense itching. This rash is the result of a fungal infection that loves to live in warm moist places. In some cases, the rash can spread to the buttocks, upper thighs and even the lower abdomen. Some individuals will get their jock itch cleared up only to develop another one. These people have to wonder is jock itch contagious?

The fungi that causes jock rash are called dermatophyes. These fungi live in your body normally and do not cause problems as long as they are not given the opportunity. But when an individual sweats a lot or spends a lot of time in wet clothing this provides a great environment for the fungi to thrive. Since the groin area is warm and moist, the fungi picks this area to flourish. Another contributing factor to the development of jock itch is friction that is caused by tight clothing or skin rubbing against skin. Jock itch affects men more than women because of their anatomy.

Is jock titch contagious? In some cases, yes. A healthy individual will have a low risk of catching this infection through casual contact. You cannot catch it from a toilet seat or from shaking hands. However, if you engage in sexual contact with an infected individual it is possible you will get jock itch even if you are healthy. This is because the skin to skin contact can allow for the fungus to transfer to you. If you have a weak immune system then your risk for getting jock titch will increase significantly.

The good thing about jock rash is it can be treated easily. You first need to take steps to keep it from getting worse. This means changing out of sweaty or wet clothes immediately and taking a shower. Dry your genital area thoroughly after the shower. To avoid spreading this fungus to other areas of your body, you should use a separate towel. Once dry, get a natural jock itch cream and apply it to your rash. A good cream that has natural ingredients will be very effective without causing further irritation to your inflamed skin. You need to use this cream as directed to cure your jock itch.

Protecting yourself from jock itch is as simple as staying healthy. Take good care of yourself by eating right and getting lots of exercise. Drink plenty of water to keep your body free of harmful toxins. Is jock itch contagious? Not if you have a strong immune system to fight it off.