Is It Worry or Is It Anxiety?

What do you answer? Do you worry? Are you an anxiety sufferer? Which expression applies to you? If you look at worries and if you look at anxieties, are not they very similar? Do not they both disturb your life? Are they any good to you? Do they improve your life?

Probably not. Actually, I would say, certainly not. They are two disturbing factors. You could easily do without. Why stick to them? You probably do not stick to them consciously. Worries and anxieties may both have their roots in your unconscious mind.

They both indicate that you do not trust life. You do not even trust yourself. Do not you agree? Trust is a fundamental necessity in life. You can erase your lack of trust and build up your trust in life, and in yourself.

I am going to explain this to you. You worry about something that might happen in the future. It probably will never happen. Should it really happen, you would have all the means necessary to face the situation. These worries for your future or things that you fear may happen, is a projection without any foundation. The same thing applies, in general, to anxiety attacks.

These are often caused by the sheer fear that you will suffer a new attack. Thoughts become things. Bear in mind that it is of the utmost importance what you think. Negative thinking creates negative outcomes. Another important thing to bear in mind is that if you project everything into the future, you let life pass by.

The past has gone and can not be changed. The future has not yet arrived. It is there absolutely absolutely necessary to worry about it.

Life is NOW. The only moment that counts it NOW. If you accept this truth, you will help yourself to worry less. You will understand that you are wasting energies if you worry about "things" that might or might not happen. Use your energy to live life now and to live it to its fullest, to enjoy every moment. If you enjoy your life, you will feel stronger and feel more energy. To be in the present moment is all it takes to stop your worries. You can learn to live in the moment. You will be grateful that you decided to do nothing else but live in the present.

This decision will make life a lot easier for you. Worries will be gone and you will understand that they were just a waste of time and of energy. The new outlook on life will create your success in every sense. You will no longer block it out. Is not this good news?