Is it Vitiligo or Something Else find it out – Vitiligo Diagnosis

Vitiligo has taken toll of around more than 3% population all over the world. This disease has affected without any discrimination of race, ethnic group or country. The white patches that appear on the skin are the only symptoms of this skin disease.

The on time diagnosis of vitiligo has proved to be useful in order to get re-pigmentation. The diagnosis of this disease is very difficult as white patches are the only symptoms for this disease also the cause of onset and patterns in which the white patches appear are very different.

The diagnosis are carried out in two steps


The doctor can ask you question related to your medical history, in order to diagnosis the real disease, these questions may be related about:

  • Family history about Vitiligo or any other autoimmune disease like hyperthyroidism. As Vitiligo is often suspected as genetic and some other theories consider autoimmune disease as the optimistic reason of Vitiligo.

  • Your medical history for recent sunburns or skin rashes. Also the doctor may ask you for emotional or mental stress. Don’t be shy to share if have any as this is a major cause of vitiligo.

  • Skin sensitivity or other infection are also susceptible for hypo-pigmentation therefore the doctor may ask you for that as well


When the doctor is satisfied from the oral examination he may ask you to go for a skin biopsy test in order to confirm his diagnosis for vitiligo. Also a blood test may be required to check your blood cell count, thyroid function or for the presence of any other antigens, related to autoimmune disease.