Is It Easy To Re-Break A Bone That Has Previously Broken?

Uncertainty is probably the first thing that comes into your mind after your doctor tells you that you have to undergo bone re-breaking. Yes, you are so bewildered and you may have plenty of what’s, why’s and how’s about this matter. What is bone re-breaking? How can it help? Why did the bone doctor or your trusted osteopath suggest it? Is it painful? Am I going to be better after that? These are the questions that rumble in your mind, but you must be open-minded about this because for sure your doctor knows what’s best for you.

In most cases, bone re-breaking is called fracture reduction or resetting a fracture bone. This is basically a treatment done by breaking the fractured area to fix the problem. Of course, you cannot re-break a bone that was never been broken before. It’s important to understand that once a bone has broken it will be stronger when it heals.

Any individual with bone fracture history may undergo bone re-breaking which will depend on his or her medical history. Yes, re-breaking a bone is possible however it is not that easy to do. A doctor must consider various things prior to doing it. Since bone healing occurs naturally as time passed by, an underlying illness may come out after a year or so. This means that even you think that you are healed after the cast is removed, in no time your doctor might suggest bone re-breaking. However, this does not usually happen.

Do not threaten yourself by the intuition that re-breaking is painful. If your doctor advised this kind of bone treatment he or she will for sure has way for you not to feel the pain.

Re-breaking is just realigning the bone to its proper position to fix the problem and restore bone health. Among the reasons why a person needs re-breaking of bone is due to mal-union or non-union of the bones. This problem commonly occurs to adults and people who have stern bone fracture before. The medical treatment process for this kind of bone problem is too complicated. For you to thoroughly understand the treatment process, your doctor or surgeon should carefully discuss and explain to you every single detail of the re-breaking process. Once you are comfortable and understand the risks and benefits, you will see that the re-breaking process is aimed at improving your body’s function. If you still have more question ask your trusted osteopath.