Is it a Gimmick Or a Real Sentimental Gift

Dad certainly does not need any more socks; mum's fed up with the sight of more flowers, the mahogany dresser is buckling under the weight of all the ornaments that have been bought for them over the years. This dilemma will come to all of us at some point and you really need to start to look for something a little different, something that the recipient would really enjoy receiving.

You can never tell if your gift is well received, most people are just too polite to say that its not what they really want or that they already have four of that item in the cupboard and two selling on eBay. We spend so much money on gifts that people just do not want because we are short of ideas and can not find any inspiration and so end up wasting our hard earned money on a gift that will end up in the back of a drawer or even given back to you as a gift 5 years later. so how do I find a gift that I know they would really like.

A gift that brings a tear to ones eyes are the best by a long way, the raw emotion the spontaneous reaction lets you know that you have made the right purchase.

We all have that favorite photograph of a loved one from the past or present but most end up in the drawers through fear of getting them damaged. Technology today now allows for such photos to be engraved on all different kinds of materials from men's cufflinks, ladies pendants, key rings and so much more. The idea is that you will always have a loved one close to you at all times and in my experience a treasured photo that is engraved means more then just a photo in a locket. Grandchildren engraved onto everyday items such as key rings is a great gift for mum and dad, certainly something they would have not received before. Personalized gifts are always a good idea when you are unsure what to buy, it can transform a simple gift into one that solely made for the recipient. Engraving technology allows for personalized messages to be engraved on champagne glasses that can be given to just about anyone for any occasion.