Is Human Growth Hormone a Good Thing?

This article says that HGH seems to promise – it should if I was the manufacturer or the big pharma – but if you accept who you are without any functional problems that truly handicap your everyday life then you won’t care about HGH.

For me, modern drugs and modern medicine are not 100% safe and to be honest their philosophy of destroying, changing or imitating is a savage intellectual thing. Let’s see together how savage researchers and graduates from college are thinking about an anti-aging human growth hormone product.

Their very first claim is that HGH can help you control and maintain many internal systems. For example, this substance can control the process of fat deposit by burning more or less fat. This is their idea for a new weight loss product. In theory, this should work but we have no proofs it works, and if it works what it the concentration to use and the molecules to select. This other control with a HGH product is to regulate this ageing process. What they want you to believe is that maybe one day, they will succeed to develop a restorative molecule that repairs and fixes cells of your body. You will then become younger.

They want money and budget because they are going to put into the market the miracle product to burn the fat, to make you look younger and to restore every cell of your body. You will walk faster, jump higher and on and on and on.

I can believe that but what I certainly not believe is the veracity of side effects from any synthesized human growth hormone product. That’s what you must remember if there is only one thing to remember from this article. Human hormone is a very complex system with multiple interactions and regulations that an external injection cannot resolve like that. In fact, you take the risk of really bad side effects that you will have NO chance at all to reverse (without damages).

Excuse me for that but in this domain, you cannot believe and trust your doctor. It’s like asking to a drug dealer in the street if his offer is safe or not. You know what he will answer you, right?

Today and for long, HGH products are dangerous and not worth the risk. The only thing you will gain is to take forever many prescriptions with proven side-effects on your body and on your mind because hormones affect directly your mind. Be free, be intelligent.