Is High Cholesterol Getting You Down? Why Not Get it Down?


Lowering cholesterol is best accomplished by changing the foods you eat. Eliminating saturated fats and reducing the cholesterol in your diet are both important to good health. Getting your cholesterol down is only treating the symptom, not the cause (poor diet). Although it is a good start but it is far from all that is needed.

Lowering your cholesterol is recommended to lead a more healthy life and maintain a healthy heart. It is actually quite simple to start lowering your levels, and does not require surgery or drugs. With a healthy lifestyle, naturally getting your cholesterol level down is easy since it helps normalize your cholesterol, naturally and safely. One of the easiest ways to starting lowering is to limit the amount of cholesterol you take in. Lowering cholesterol is also something that will help to increase the life expectancy of someone that is suffering with high cholesterol.

Diet is not always effective in lowering your cholesterol, for the simple reason that 90% of it is made by your body. So your cholesterol level has little to do with precisely what you're eating. Diet and drugs are the main instruments available to normalize lipid levels. The choice of drug to combine with diet must be based on its specific effects on lipid metabolism, side effects, and how well it does in decreasing cholesterol levels.

Exercising regularly with thirty to sixty minutes each day can be a great help in lowering your cholesterol. Swim laps and brisk walking are just some exercise that you can do regularly. Exercise, as stated above, will help with that. However, you should maintain a healthy diet as well.

Vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains and nuts are naturally rich in fiber. Check the nutrition facts label for grams of fiber. Vegetables and fruits also contain soluble fiber. All of these foods also offer protective phytochemicals.