Is a Fast Phobia Cure Just Bunk?

Is there really a fast phobia cure or do you have to spend the better part of your adult life trying to figure out how to get past your phobias? No matter how deeply rooted your fears are, you can change their power at any given time. It might not feel that way, but once you experience the fast phobia cure you will never look at fear the same way again.

Phobias are usually a gift from the combination of an experience and an adult in our childhood. Something bad happened. We saw or heard something that scared us and a kind adult in our life told us we needed to react with fear because it would keep us safe.

We fear something because we have been taught that being afraid of it would prevent us from experiencing it. We are afraid of water because we are afraid of drowning. If we see water as a death trap we are going to avoid it. If we see it as a fun place to play we might want to experience it. This means the more we fear it the more we will stay away from it.

Even those who have had close calls with a drowning or have known a friend who has drowned can still look past the water as the culprit. Usually a drowning has a cause.

Drunkenness is usually up there on the top of the list. But if we believe that the water can get us, our fear will prevent us from ever finding ourselves in that situation.

The fast phobia cure is really education. The more we know about any given topic the less afraid of it we are. The more know that we are actually able to change what we believe about something the more we know that we are in complete control of what we fear and how deeply we fear it.