Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the Candida Diet – Should You Take Antibiotics?

This article tells you about an experience of a friend who has Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also does the candida diet. Today, she is getting down. It is another bad morning in the bathroom. She is afraid that not many investigations are being done. She keeps getting the party line, it is probably IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and "you really do not want to go through all those investigations, do you?"

Though, blood tests for Celiacs were negative, lowish white cell count (only one reading though), no obvious nasty things in stool culture. Meanwhile, she gets better, she gets worse.

She has been on the candida diet for two months and it has made things a lot better. In the last 2 weeks the bowel problems have come back.

As much as it would be good to have tests for parasites done, she can not find anyone who will bother. They just keep telling her to take antibiotics and that will prove or disprove whether or not she has a bug. It is hard to stay positive sometimes.

Well, having been misdiagnosed (in my opinion) for years and years by Medical Doctors, I would read a lot before making a decision to take antibiotics.

One of my friend is having diet. The diet is making her feel so much better. She is still tired, but not desperate! She is not crying anymore, her cravings for sugar has diminished. No antibiotics, or antidepressant (including St. John's Wort) that has made her this much better this soon.

There are Medical Doctors who acknowledge that Candidiasis exists and treat it in a holistic manner including dietary advice. Just my two cents based upon my limited experience with this treatment.