Irregular Menstrual Periods Causes and Home Remedies to Regulate Menses

A menstrual period is a natural process for women which occur in every month. Before jumping into any conclusion we must study thoroughly the condition. Irregularities may be of two kinds one which is occurring in alternate month or in some it might occur in a huge gap or so. Such situation is supported by some severe pain and needs to taken care very minutely. The first and fore most help is to go for a professional advice and make sure your body responds to that treatment very well. Gynecologists are experienced person in such situations and can be of great help.

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important factor in such situations. Fresh fruit and vegetables needs to be consumed daily so that proper balance is kept intact. Contraceptive pills should be avoided as far as possible. Drugs and alcohols should also be restricted during such occasions. Yoghurt is a very good healer in this stage. Some natural home remedies like consuming parsley leaves with vegetable juice and carrot juice is beneficiary in such circumstances. Life root, pleurisy root can be treating severe pain during the menstrual periods. Going with the natural home remedies is the best way of getting rid of the problem.

The irregular menstrual periods can be also due to genetic disorder or imbalance in the hormonal secretion. Female who are prone to regular stress and unhealthy environment are seen having such kind of disease at an alarming rate. Starving can be very dangerous for any human being. We need to get regular food to maintain the biological cycle. Lack of food shuts down all the natural process within the body hence it is best to make use of consuming daily proteins and vegetables. Chase tree and Dong gui are two strong medicinal extracts which is utilized in overcoming the barrier of irregular menstrual periods.

Intake of alcohol, refined sugar, caffeine or any other drug should be considerably reduced to the minimum. Avoid salt during periodic cycles and have your family and friends for emotional support. Irregular occurrence of menstrual period can lower your self confidence. It is better to go for a medical advice at the earliest. Maca powder is one of the supplements which act as a protein substance dissolving the irregular menstrual periods. Going for an inappropriate medication might be injurious to your health causing severe side effects which might make you weak at the longer run.