Iris Mirrored Chest

The Iris Mirrored Chest is a beautiful piece of mirrored furniture at a fair price relative to that of other comparable pieces. The quick report is it's definitely worth it if you have the matching home settings and fall within a $ 500 budget.

Why Consider The Iris Mirrored Chest?

One of the best reasons to consider this beautiful mirrored chest is the way it may look in your home. The chest has a unique and interesting look that could make any spot in the home look great. Correspondingly, many decorative items and furniture pieces will work well both on top of this piece and on the side.

What Does The Iris Chest Cost?

This piece is actually priced very well considering how expensive mirrored furniture can be and in comparison to other pieces of similar size and quality. When pricing mirrored furniture, you will probably spend around $ 500 after taxes for the piece. It may also be on sale if you catch the item at the right time and are able to spend the money on the shipping of the item. Another option for lowering costs is to have it shipped to a local retailer or outlet and have the store bear the burden of shipping.

Compared to other mirrored pieces of the same size and options, this is a very nice option and could really make a home look great. If you know you want to shake things up with your decor, you can not go wrong with this piece of furniture as long as you have the theme to match.