Intestine Detoxification

The malfunctioning intestinal auto-intoxication, can have a disastrous effect on the nervous system (Dr. Henry Picard).

Much of the immune system is placed on the walls of the small intestine (Peyer’s patches), as it must be careful that toxic food do not penetrate and contaminate our bodies.

This leads us to understand the wise habit, until a few decades ago, that was to give a laxative to adults and children at least once a month. In fact, a clean intestine provides a guarantee of health because it produces toxic waste and lighten the work of immune systems. A dirty intestines, however, became home to various toxic substances that the immune system loaded with hard work, so over time it loses its efficiency, giving rise to many problems including various allergies and intolerances.

This fact did say to Dr. Bernard Jensen, after years of study and experimentation, “the most common health problems in industrialized societies today is due to a poor state of bowel cleansing”

The intestines are not clean internally, especially in its last leg (the colon) is equivalent to having the personnel of municipal waste removal on strike. In effect if you leave stagnant waste material in the colon, will begin a process of decay that irritate the mucous membrane, making it less permeable (leaky gut syndrome), this will allow toxins to enter the bloodstream.

These toxins, in turn, may pave the way for countless diseases and disorders, including skin problems, blood poisoning, which nourishes the brain and nervous system resulting in frontal headache (headache), irritability, weakness, listlessness, poor memory and problems that are attributed to senile dementia.

Some signs of intoxication due to the persistence of decaying material in the colon are: feces and bad smelling sweat, malfunction of the digestive system, abdominal bloating, flatulence, bad breath, tongue covered with a white coating, acne and skin opaque and a little tonic. In short, every organ can come intoxicated, prematurely ages the body, stiffening joints age, the mind is lazy and is missing the joy of living.

What are the main functions of the colon?

* Eliminating waste products from food digested;

* Absorb water and nutrients necessary for the body;

* Work for the proper functioning of the immune system.

If the gut bacterial flora has balanced, these functions are performed in the best way, so the waste materials are expelled and the nutrients absorbed. If, however, the bacterial flora is altered, the waste is not completely eliminated and accumulate in the gut.

The waste accumulated, especially in curves and loops, creating the toxic substances that, initially, affect the intestinal membrane, and then may pass into the blood and lymph and go anywhere in the body. This condition autointoxication rests primarily on the liver.

It seems incredible, because doctors generally do not speak, but many problems and illnesses have their root cause a malfunction of the intestine, due to little movement, environmental pollution and use of natural medicines. To these we must add unbalanced diet, too rich in sugar, refined foods and chemical additives and low in primary elements, such as fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Even stress, in turn, may determine alteration of the intestinal walls causing a contraction excessive or inadequate, and may also affect the bacterial flora, slowing reconstruction. Note that in a healthy bowel mucosa should be renewed every four days.

Because of these reasons bowel movements (peristalsis) and colon in particular, have slowed somewhat. This phenomenon causes an accumulation of waste in the “pockets” of the colon and especially in his area as “sigmoid”. Over time deposits also accumulate on its walls, in turn, makes it even more difficult its natural rhythmic movement and wave that would promote the transit of fecal products directed outwards.

It should be noted that even when evacuating every day, the bowel is not ever completely free, there are still several hours of crap that stagnate leading to the deterioration of the intestinal mucosa, and alteration of bacterial flora of the phenomenon known as intestinal dysbiosis.

When dysbiosis replaces the healthy bacteria (including Lactobacillus acidophilus) and decrease harmful ones (such as Bacillus coli) increase. This change in gut flora makes it impossible to complete the processing of faecal material, fermentation and putrefaction is generated so that not only poison the whole organism, but reduce significantly the immune system.

The fact that the immune system of organic and intestine are intimately linked is not well understood. Yet part of this important system is located on the walls of the intestine, and is here (Peyer’s patches) formed immunoglobulins (protein particles having immunological properties). The intestinal mucosa is therefore very important to ensure good defenses, and with her are: liver, kidneys, glands, lungs and skin.

The intestinal poisoning, spreading throughout the body, symptoms that may occur include: chronic headaches, allergies, acne, psoriasis and other skin diseases, prostate disorders, diverticulitis, severe constipation, HEMORRHOIDS PROLAPSE, arthritis, rheumatism, heart disease, asthma, respiratory problems, breast lumps, loss of vitality, fatigue, depression, lack of concentration, aggressiveness, panic attacks, infections, inflammation, polyarthritis, hair problems and many other disorders.

Unfortunately, laxatives, now widely used, provide only a temporary benefit because in the long term, tend to damage the intestinal mucosa.

There are some things to do, and are essential:

* Clean and normalize bowel functions (true healing is possible only if preceded by a thorough cleaning organic).

* Correct the food intake.

* Make more exercise.

The enema is a hygienic practice which, together with purge, has allowed many generations to enjoy health in civilized man no longer enjoys. Our experience has shown that many of the allergies that plague adults and children are caused by a toxic load created in the intestine so incredible that overloads the immune system.

To regain or maintain a state of good health are therefore required some action to clean the intestines, especially the colon, the faecal deposits that have built up on its walls, making them rigid and restricting the passage of materials to be removed.

Power Colon Cleanse

The detoxification therapy is not known that only a privileged few but using a procedure essential to maintain health, available for everyone and especially useful to everyone. Before deciding which method or product to use for this purpose, be aware of the detoxification process, which works as follows:

First we must cleanse the colon with herbs fibers, which gradually sweep away from its toxic internal accumulation deposited over the years and harmful parasites.

While clean up the colon from harmful parasites must restore the good bacteria that keep the bacterial flora in balance, as we have to detoxify the liver with extract of medicinal plants as sylimarin (milk thistle extract).

Finally, with the help of specific herbs, vitamins, amino acids and minerals we cleanse the body from harmful heavy metals like lead and mercury and other toxic substances.