Interesting Drug Abuse Facts

There are many types of drugs, illegal and prescription, which are getting over used and abused. These drugs can take a toll on the person who is abusing them. The drugs change the way the brain works and a person who uses drugs on a regular basis may never be able to completely recover or repair the damage done to the brain. That is why it is important to spread the word about the dangers of drug use and addiction in hopes of preventing teens and adolescents from trying them in the first place.

There are many reasons why people choose to take drugs in the first place and environment and social factors play a key role. People take drugs to escape from reality and feel good because they might have a hard time dealing with life the way it is. Some people may just use drugs to experiment and never use them again, while others enjoy the feeling so much they continue to use them at a dangerous pace.

The chemicals found in many of the drugs that people abuse are like the chemicals that we find in our brains. The receptors in our brains latch onto these chemicals and that is what makes a person feel good. When dopamine is released in the brain it causes the person to feel good and pleasure. However, if the person abuses the drug to release the dopamine, the brain will have a hard time producing the dopamine naturally without the drugs help. This is how the addiction starts and why the person feels like they need to continue taking the drug to feel good.

Using the drugs often will literally alter the structure of the brain and the way it functions. This is why it is imperative to stop the drug use before the damage is done and before the drug use becomes obsessive. When the drug use does become obsessive the pathways in which the neurons are transmitted change and this makes the person become dependent upon the drugs.

The best form of treatment is of course prevention, but some drug abusers have progressed enough where this is no longer an option. At some point when the person is willing and ready to quit, that person will have a long battle ahead of them.

There are many drug treatment facilities designed to help rehabilitate drug addicts specifically for the drugs they are abusing. For example, someone who is addicted to painkillers may have severe withdrawal symptoms and will require around-the-clock medical attention as a form of opiate addiction treatment. Others may simply need an outpatient program and a little counseling.