Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome Prevention and Treatment

It is estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from metabolic syndrome. By definition, metabolic syndrome is having any three of these ailments: insulin resistance, low hdl, waste circumference greater than 40 for men and 35 for women, elevated blood pressure and elevated c reactive protein. Alone each of these poses a great risk of mortality in people who suffer from them. The risk of cardiovascular death by tho afflicted with the metabolic syndrome is 3-4 times higher than just having one ailment alone.

The American Diabetes Association recommends diet and exercise as a measure to improve some of these conditions. As of 2009, there are no pharmaceutical products approved for treatment of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome also known as metabolic syndrome x or insulin resistance syndrome. DHEA derived products have designed a global health platform which not only attacks the root of the problem but also assist patients by designing exercise tips, routines and diet plans for consumers. The conditions that make up metabolic syndrome all most derived from patients being overweight and worst of all being overweight in the visceral are. People who have visceral fat also known as belly fat have a much higher rate of death due to cardiovascular disease than those who carry weight in other parts of the body.

DHEA is very popular due to the vast amount of clinical research that has been completed for uses such as major depression as well as reduction of abdominal fat. Other natural products such as green tea and vitamin c are also linked to assist in reduction of abdominal fat.. Although there is no magic pill on the market, Biopharm Nutraceuticals recommends natural alternatives to prescription drugs. I do not support any specific brand as a medical professional, but what I do recommenced are the components mentioned above. One can buy them individually at any health food store or find a product as mentioned above that has all ingredients in one capsule in order to simply dosing. Although supplementation can assist in treating insulin resistance, there is not substitute for proper diet and exercise. I encourage readers o read the data on Google scholar on Green Tea, Dhea and L arginine and make an educated choice.For those of you with metabolic syndrome or any of the components, keep in mind that even a modest reduction in weight such as 5-6kg would reduce mortality in some cases by half.