Insomnia & Exhausted Adrenals – How Too Much Activity Before Bed Disrupts Sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, exhausted adrenals may be to blame. And there is a good chance that you have suffered from exhausted adrenals at some point, since 80% of Americans adults are believed to be affected at some point. What are exhausted adrenals? Let me explain.

Since you were a kid, you have been warned to stay away from foods with stimulants in them, such as energy drinks, coffee and soft drinks. Basically anything with caffeine in it. But artificial stimulants are not the only thing that stimulate our brains. Being stressed out and in a hurry all the time can play a role too.

Many people stimulate their brains just before they head off to bed. They do this by watching television, answering email messages from family and friends, and searching the internet, just to name a few activities. All activities that stimulate the brain.

Insomnia used to not be as big of a problem during simpler times. There were not nearly the distractions, and people took sleep more seriously. But these days, we are bombarded with so much that we tend to neglect the rest our bodies need.

Your brain has two types of neurotransmitters, stimulatory and inhibitory. They are associated with insomnia and other problems like depression, anxiety, and weight loss. If you are going to get a good night’s sleep, the body needs to make enough inhibitory neurotransmitters to counteract the stimulatory neurotransmitters. So, an hour and a half before bed, you should be doing activities that help you unwind and relax.