Insomnia Cure – Three Surefire Tips to Cure Insomnia

Insomnia is not really an illness or condition by itself. It is rather a symptom of other conditions. Therefore it is not sensible to prescribe medications for insomnia. It would be faster and more effective if the cause of insomnia, or the condition for which insomnia is the symptom, is cured.

There are basically two types of insomnia cure: behavior therapy and medications. Medications can give you instant relief and for short term you will be able to sleep peacefully. Behaviour therapies on the other hand focus on complete elimination of the condition, and consequently the symptom.

oFirst of all, consult with a professional physician, and figure out if there is some other condition like stress, anxiety, depression that is causing insomnia. If there are other causes, then try to take medications or therapies for that.

oNext, try to make slight changes to your sleeping habits. Also, watch your eating habits and try to make it healthier.

oIf that does not help, it is time for other insomnia cure. Try some relaxation techniques and see if it helps. One thing to remember, try not to think about sleeping, just relax and imagine you have no worries and you are in no hurry to sleep.

Go for medication ONLY if the other methods don’t work, DON’T start any type of medication without consulting a doctor.

In my experience, the best treatment for insomnia is relaxation. There are many relaxation techniques. The simplest one happens to be most effective. Lie down in your bed. Take a deep breath, and while exhaling just imagine all the worries and stresses leaving your body. Continue this several times and DON’T try to watch when you fall asleep. You will know that when you wake up.