Insomnia – Common Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a serious sleeping disorder that should to be addressed more often. When you have insomnia your whole life is adversely affected. Insomnia not only affects the quality and enjoyment of your life, but also greatly affects everyone around you. Your ability to cope with everything going on in your life is decreased and your personal and work relationships suffer. Insomnia can be a viscous cycle which can escalate the longer it continues. One bad night's sleep leads on to the next, decreasing your ability to cope with life's stress. This increased stress leads to more sleepless nights, and the cycle continues …..

As you can see insomnia is a never ending cycle. Unless you first identify what is causing you to have insomnia and then take some action steps to deal with your insomnia you will never get out of your bad sleep cycle.

The Common Causes of Insomnia are:


In modern society stress levels are on the rise, to the point that some people find their lives under constant stress. When you are stressed, it affects your ability to sleep properly; this is mainly due to the way your body responds to stress. We have all experienced insomnia due to money worries or some other reason. This is when you can not seem to quiet your mind in order to get to sleep because you are trying to work out how you are going to pay the bill or fix the problem etc. All of these scenarios keep going around and around in your head and sleep evades you.

What is the result of this? You end up tired and feeling more stressed the next day when you need to deal with the situation that was causing you the stress in the first place. The greater your stress level, the more disrupted your sleep will be. By taking some measures to lower your stress level you will find that your sleep improves greatly.

Environmental Issues

What is happening around you when you are in bed at night greatly affects the way you sleep. There are quite a few things that can disturb you at night like: lighting, noise, company and temperature. There is nothing more annoying than being in a deep sleep and the dog barks, or your partner is snoring and keeping you awake. Some environmental issues are easily fixed and some are not so easy. The best thing to do is to look at each one individually and decided what you can do about it.

Food and Drink

What we eat and drink also play a huge part in how we sleep. By having a well balanced high fiber diet you will sleep better than if you eat highly processed foods. Your consumption of sugars, alcohol and caffeine greatly affects the way you sleep. By reducing the amount of sugars, alcohol and caffeine you take on a daily basis you will find that you feel healthier, and sleep better.

Lifestyle Choice

How you live your life and the choices you make can also affect the way you sleep. By increasing the amount of regular exercise that you have you will find that you sleep better and feel healthier. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that smoking can also disrupt your ability to sleep. So by living a healthier life and getting into a regular sleeping routine you will find that you sleep better.

In this article I have briefly covered some of the main issues that cause you to have insomnia. By finding out what is causing your insomnia you are taking the first steps to having a healthy night sleep.