Insomnia – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment – Scott Gillespie


Insomnia is a chronic inability to get adequate sleep. If you are not able to sleep through the night, have extreme difficulty falling asleep, or get up several times during the night for various reasons on a regular basis, then chances are that you too suffer from insomnia. The numbers of sufferers around the world are staggering and no one really knows the reason for the growing number of people suffering with insomnia. If you suffer with this condition long enough you will find yourself entertaining quite a few day dreams about how to stop insomnia once and for all.

Many Things Cause Insomnia

Stress. This might be the number one factor to cause insomnia. Whether it’s worry about work, health, family or whether the kitchen light has been turned off, when the mind runs on and on, sleep can be very elusive. When this factor is deemed to cause insomnia, it can be a little difficult to sort through at first. When the issues are tackled, however, the insomnia can right itself.

Anxiety. Going beyond stress, anxiety can cause insomnia. In serious anxiety cases, the mind refuses to shut off. This makes sleep difficult at best to obtain. Treating the anxiety, if it is the blamed as the cause insomnia problem, can lessen the issue.

Lack of Sunlight – Sunlight regulates melatonin, a brain chemical that controls body temperature. Normal body temperature is related to good sleep. Without enough sunlight your body literally does not know when to shut down.

EMF Fields – Electromagnetic field energy from electronics, TVs, cell phones, computers and even you home’s electrical system can disrupt your sleep. I’ve had several clients who have cured their insomnia simply be moving all electronics out of their bedroom.

Sleep Apnea – Believe it or not, children can be affected by sleep apnea as well, which is when they stop breathing during their sleep. If you think that this could be the problem with your child, they may need to be evaluated medically to see if this is really the problem. If your child is constantly tired despite sleeping long hours, sleep apnea may well be the culprit.

Insomnia Symptoms

When a person does not fall asleep for a long time after going to bed (around 45 minutes) and tosses and turns, in spite of counting sheep, it is a symptom of insomnia. Pain – physical or mental – is the most obvious reason and the most common. The reason for failing to sleep could be that the mind is racing or hyperactive and aroused due to stress, anxiety or some traumatic experience.

Insomnia Treatment

Relaxation therapy, which uses specific techniques of yoga and different types of meditations are quite useful. Music and aromatherapy can also be used. The idea is to calm the hyperactive, racing mind and relax the muscles. Recondition therapy, in which the insomniac lies down on the bed only when he feels sleepy can also be effective. Other activities like reading, watching TV, or telephoning in bed are banned. If unable to fall asleep, the patient has to get up and engage in something else until he feels sleepy. Lying in bed is used as stimuli and conditions the patient to fall asleep. Sleep restriction therapy, involves allowing the person only a short time in bed.

Binaural Beats are popularly known as healing beats. Though there are some controversies regarding the degree of relief it can make, these binaural soundwaves are widely used in curing Insomnia. The treatment involves a special audio beat. When a patient listens to it, the brain begins to respond with the pulse. These waves help the patient to change his or her brainwaves naturally and the patient can choose to relax.