Injury Insurance Plan – Supplemental Injury Insurance Policy FAQ


1. Injury insurance plans have what type of eligibility requirements to get approved?

Accident plans are guarantee issue up to age 65 or 70. Online applications have no health questions or underwriting and everyone gets approved.

2. How much do personal injury insurance supplements cost each month? (Estimates)

(Rates from the leading plan)
Individual policy – $5,000 benefit – $22 USD each month.
Individual – $7,500 benefit – $28 USD per month.
Individual – $10,000 benefit – $34 a month.

Family policy – $5,000 benefit – $35 USD each month.
Family: $7,500 benefit – $41 USD per month.
Family: $10,000 benefit – $47 a month

3. What doctors and hospitals accept this accident health insurance supplement?

Accident policy can be used at any licensed doctor, hospital, emergency room, medical clinic, or urgent quick care facility. Plans also compensate for bodily injury related expenses while traveling abroad (one to two months outside the United States).

4. What are the specific emergency room related benefits covered?

-Doctors fee for surgery (inpatient and outpatient)
-Hospital emergency room care (miscellaneous ER bills)
-Doctors visits inpatient and outpatient.
-Lab Services
-Prescription drugs
-Registered nurse expense
-Dental treatment for injured sound natural teeth
-Hospital room and board
-Crutches, Splints, Casts, etc.
-In or Outpatient surgery
-Anesthesia expense
-Operating room
-Physical Therapy
-Ambulance expense

5. What are the personal accident insurance supplement policy benefit levels?

$2,500, $5,000, $7,500, $10,000 US dollars per covered injury.

6. Do these policies covers youth sports injuries?

Yes, some plans can be used as a youth sport insurance supplement for kids sport injuries. If you’re a parent looking for a plan to serve as a youth sport insurance plan double check the fine print on the policy explanation of benefits page. Policy should say it covers organized youth sports up to age 18. Organized sports meaning youth soccer, little league baseball, and high school football.

7. Who is the medical insurance company underwriting or selling this plan?

A lot of injury insurance plans in the United States seem to be underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company in Glenview, Illinois. Guarantee Trust Life has been around for 70 plus years.

8. Is this plan health insurance or a supplement?

Plans are not insurance rather an indemnity. Indemnity means to compensate. So look at these supplements as a accident medical expense compensation. Policy holders are compensated up to the policy benefit level per injury. Typical policy benefit levels again are $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000.

9. What are some other names for this type of supplement?

Depending on who’s sales brochure you pick up: Emergency room insurance plan, 24 hour accident coverage, accident medical coverage, supplemental accident coverage, and accident medical expense benefit. Thousands of health insurance agents sell these supplements and they are often packaged together with dental, vision, and other discount services. The prices listed in this article are for the accident only coverage. So other plans you’ll find online could be more expensive because other benefits might be tied into it.

10. What are the plan deductibles?

Most policies have a $100 to $200 US dollar deductible. Deductible= Out of pocket expense you have before health insurance plan pays. Example: Someone has a $10,000 benefit injury plan and subsequently has a $10,000 dollar emergency room bill from a broken collar bone. The policy holders total out of pocket expense for the ER bill is the deductible of $100 dollars. The deductible of $100 dollars resets for each claim. Each injury is treated as a separate event and the policy benefits reset for each mishaps. Plans pay out per injury and per accident subject to new deductible.

11. Can this plan be used for college or pro level sports injuries?

No. College and professional level sports injuries are not covered on this style of plan.

12. What is the catch or rules?

Personal accident insurance supplements only pay for bodily injuries that occur after the policy effective date. To receive benefits the policy must be in force prior to injury.

13. Does the plan cover emergency room visit bills relating to sickness or disease such as heart attack or stroke?

No. Supplements are accident only coverage for bodily injuries.

14. How soon does someone need to seek treatment for the injury for the plan to pay?

Within 12 weeks from date of initial injury. Benefits period is 52 weeks after date of injury.

15. Who gets paid the accident medical expense compensation?

Some personal injury insurance plans pay you (the policy holder) directly. Other plans will compensate the doctor or hospital that treated your bodily injury.

16. What type of bodily injury accidents aren’t covered on these plans?

Injuries sustained under the influence of drugs and alcohol, professional / college level sports injuries, during act of war or committing a crime, trying to kill yourself or self-injury, wing suit base jumping, and other extreme activity related accidents.