Inguinal Hernia Symptoms

An inguinal hernia is caused when tissue is forcing its way through a weak spot in the muscles of the groin or the scrotum. This condition is one of the many types of hernias that can affect people although it usually occurs in men more then women. This is because their bodies are designed in such a way that in this particular area it is weaker. Women are stronger so as to be able to handle the size and weight of the uterus when carrying a child.


One of the biggest symptoms to look for is a bulge that is located in the groin. This will look and feel like a small to large lump depending on how much is trying to push through at the time. It may take weeks or months for the bulge to be noticeable. Other common symptoms include; tugging, heaviness, and slight burning in the affected area, nausea, and vomiting.

If you feel any of these symptoms or even if you have the bulge without any of the pain it is important to contact your doctor. They will be able to run a few tests and examine your body and physical history. From there they will diagnose the problem and make sure that it is nothing more serious.

Inguinal hernias are caused when there is an opening or weak area in the muscle wall that did not close during birth. This creates a weakness in the muscle of the belly and will put pressure on that specific area and allow tissue to push itself out through it. It can form right after birth or it might take years to form.