Inguinal Hernia Repair In India – Merits, Demerits And Costs

Inguinal hernia repair in India is performed at a very low cost. It is now offering world class medical facilities comparable with any of the western countries. It possess hospitals with state of art equipments including best medical experts. Medical facilities provided by India at the most competitive prices will help you to get the treatment done at a very low cost. It is also giving consultancy to foreign patients about cost effective treatment options available. Medical tourism has tied up with various hospitals, talented surgeons. Above all these facilities like healthcare facilities, they also provide travel accommodation, visa documentation and tourist assistance to the international patients who are willing to take here surgeries. Treatments in India is available at a fraction of the cost in Europe, America.

Many medical tourists in ever increasing numbers are in a search of low cost surgery that could reduce their expenses. The surgery packages available in India will cost you very less as compared to other foreign destinations. At other places you would have to pay for the medical charges alone, but here, less medical expense, no waiting queue. Our country possesses one of the best qualified surgeons in every field, this fact has been realized all over the world. Medical tour for inguinal hernia repair in India is becoming center of attraction for medical patients.

This repair, also known as herniorrhaphy. It is a surgical correction of inguinal hernia. It is an opening in the lining tissue (peritoneum) of the abdominal wall in the groin area between the abdomen and the thigh. It is performed to close the weakened abdominal wall of an inguinal hernia. It is called inguinal because the intestines push through a weak spot in the inguinal canal. Majority of hernia occurs in males. It is a safe operation and is performed worldwide. If you are willing to take this surgery then you should be aware about its possible risks, benefits and other conditions. Herniorrhaphy is performed under general anesthesia. In this procedure, surgeon will make an incision in your groin area, push the protruding intestines back into the abdomen and repair the weakened or torn muscle in the abdominal wall.


Allergic reaction to anesthesia


Pain and discomfort

Perforation of bowel

Difficulty urinating


It provides the benefit of short hospital stay, quicker recovery and fewer recurrences. It prevents strangulation of the intestine, which is a surgical emergency and sometimes requires immediate care and attention by hospital staff.

Cost of Inguinal hernia repair in India

The cost of Inguinal hernia repair in India is very affordable. Our country has the most competent doctors at a reasonable price at the best hospitals of India including Avon facilities. Many of the doctors have been trained from the countries that too have best medical infrastructure. If a patient comes to India he will undergo medical diagnosis, and along with that he will be made to visit Indian tourist destinations. India gives you the most competitive charges for treatment. It also possess traditional medical science of Ayurveda and Naturopathy found in its purest form. So if anyone is thinking to undergo hernia repair in India, it is the best decision