Ingrown Toenail Symptoms – Tell Me What You See

An ingrown toenail is absolutely an irritating and aggravating health condition suffered by many in today’s population.

It occurs when the pointed corner of the toenail continues to grow and invades the soft and delicate tissue of the skin of the toe causing redness, pain, swelling, and on occasion infection.

Ingrown toenail symptoms are fairly easy to recognize. With this common foot ailment that most often affects the outer edge of the big toe, it really is about what you see and what you feel.

The most common symptoms are the ones you readily see and feel.

Because the corner of the nail is digging into the skin, one of the earliest symptoms is obviously enough, pain.

You may also notice that that the skin at the corner of the toe is red and swollen.

The area may feel warm to the touch but it is not likely that you will experience a fever as a symptom. However if the ingrown toenail is left untreated, then an infection can most certainly develop. In this case, you will see signs and symptoms of an infection.

The symptom that you will most readily notice will be that the swelling and pain becomes worse, and there may be an associated yellow or white colored drainage oozing from the area off the invasion of the corner of the toe. You might also notice that there is a lighter colored area of the skin, which may be surrounded by the reddened skin.

It is fairly easy to pick up the signs and symptoms of an infection.

Ingrown toenail symptoms are not hard to spot. Believe me, you will feel the pain and you will see the redness.

So the key is once you have evidence of an ingrown toenail symptom then get on it and seek treatment before an infection occurs.