Ingrown Toe Nail – Getting Back the Good Looks

Did you know that the toe nail can develop abnormally into the toe and expose the toe to nail fungus infection? If you did not know then, here is chance for you to be informed. Ingrown toe nail is also called onychocryptosis. This refers to a situation in which the sides of the nail grow towards the inside of the toe. This should not be confused with callus which is caused by pressure on the toe due to shoes or long walks.

So what really causes the ingrown toe nail? There are those who have the suggested that cutting of the nail in a wrong way would make the nail grow in a bad or misdirected way. The sharp edges that have been cut poorly would lead to pressure on the sides of the nail.

The pressure points that are caused by the ingrown toe nail would expose the toe to nail fungus infection. The candidas fungi or the dermatophy type of fungi would grow their roots. These are called hyphae which are simple or rudimentary forms of roots. The prerequisite for the fungal infection is the damp toe or the softened nail plate. This is what you will have to prevent by not allowing the toes to be wet. You can also prevent nail fungus infection by making sure that the nail plate remains strong. Protect it from the weakening of the hard plate by not having corrosive materials such as nail polish remover.

In the case of ingrown toenail, you may need to see a podiatrist to advice on the management of the pressure points. The danger is usually in the development of a septic wound from the point of growth of the ingrown nail. There may be a need to take some anti-biotic and to prevent the formation of pus from the bacterial activity.

Because of the danger of second chance in growth of the ingrown nail, you will need to have treatment that will prevent any further growth. A surgical procedure may be necessary to prevent the recurrence of the nail growing into the toes.

Some of the remedies that have been known to prevent the growth of the nail includes the use of acids. Before you get the stronger acids that may have a negative effect on the toe, make use f natural acids such as vinegar. In a stronger concentration, it is able to prevent further nail growth and also protect the toe nail from nail fungus infection.

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