Information Overload – Whats Working Now?

Is this possible? Yes!

In today's environment, weather you're seeking information for personal growth, new business, or just to improve your existing skills, many people suffer from information overload.

Information overload is a real and sometimes debilitating problem for a lot of folks, especially when learning multiple new skills like internet marketing.

Recently Mike Dillard a very well known and respected internet marketing guru, released a video "Whats Working Now?" featuring a number of top 7 figure earning Internet and MLM marketers, in a nuts and bolts, cut to the chase formula, on how they combat this problem, along with candid practical details on what marketing techniques they are using right now, whats working and whats not working in their businesses today!

With the vast array of information products, systems and technology changes coming to market each day at record pace, it's easy to get bogged down in the learning curve and quickly find yourself stuck and overwhelmed.

A common thread that most really successful and productive marketing entrepreneurs have, is the ability to cut right through information overload with simply learned techniques.

The top three reasons folks get bogged down in the first place are:

1) They are looking for instant results and solutions.

2) Fear of not knowing enough and looking to learn anything and everything.

3) Moving on to the next best thing, before you have completed the last best


How do you get more done with less effort you ask?

How do you eliminate distracting information while leveraging your actions?

How do you produce productive effort and avoid paralysis of analysis?

1) Focus on what you want to accomplish (zero in on your desired results).

2) Visualize yourself already in receipt of your desire (see yourself in the picture).

3) Produce a journal of productive effort (a list) of specific intentions or goals.

4) Focus your effort on one thing at a time, (in the knowing that when you complete a task it brings you one step closer to accomplishing your desires or goals).

5) Align yourself with others with the similar goals or intentions (a group, coach or mentor).

Productive people all acknowledge, it starts with your mindset and your deliberate intention. When you focus your attention on what you want, instead of what you do not want or have (fear of what you lack), your mind will shift to create ways and ideas, the steps needed to bring you closer to your desires, and releasing you of the feelings of lack and anxiety.

Do not feel alone, for most people this is a skill that was learned and needs to be practiced.

Embrace these feelings as your friend. Learning new information is also about changing your old way of thinking, and as a result getting you closer to your goals.

Lastly, aligning yourself with others of like interests and desires can have a powerful effect on your efforts when you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Seeking out others and sharing can inspire powerful creativity, balance and focus on your tasks at hand.