Information on Kawasaki Saddlebags

The Kawasaki Company, for sure, does not call for any introduction. It is a famous and illustrious company that started its operation long way back in 1924. However, at that time, it concerned itself with only the metallurgy and the aircraft industry.

It was only in 1949 when the motorcycle industry came into the domain of Kawasaki Co. They started producing engines that could be fitted and used in the motorcycles. Engines of various powers and sizes began to be manufactured by them-60cc, two stroke 150 cc and as well as 250cc four stroke engines. The most interesting fact in this regard is however that the Kawasaki Co. had a long time collaboration with the BMW, almost dating back to the time when they were involved only in the aircraft industry. As a result, all these motorcycle engines manufactured by Kawasaki Co. worked on the technology developed by BMW.

However, soon in 1954, the Kawasaki Co. that now had become Kawasaki Motorcycles successfully launched into the market a complete motorcycle named as Meihatsu. Meihatsu was originally a sister company of the Kawasaki Aircraft Co.

Not only motorcycles, the Kawasaki Company aimed to extend their hold also into the scooter industry, bringing into the market their own scooters. But this hope of theirs did not last long because of the stiff competition meted out against them in the market by the Fuji Rabbit and the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon-the then scooter giants.

Anyhow, the company succeeded in maintaining a strong foothold in the motorcycle industry. The Kawasaki Co. started having burgeoning sales of the motorcycles. The motorcycles proved to be long lasting and provided a good mileage, satisfying its customers.

However, you as a customer should also perform some tasks in order to let the motorcycle continue giving you good service. Here are some-

o Take your bike for repairing or servicing at regular intervals of about 6months

o Regular maintenance can also be done by you in order to keep your budget low for your Kawasaki motorcycle maintenance

o Avoid rash driving so as to not let accidents damage your vehicle

All said and done, the thing you should look for are Kawasaki’s saddlebags GPz 1100. These are effectively manufactured bags that ensure your motorcycle engine to be extremely smooth running. The Boss Bags even have the provision for release traps and lids that can be locked. You can also go for Throw over saddlebags which have these quick release straps but not the lockable lids.

These saddlebags are multi featured and ensure a comfort ride. These contain-

o a 0-199 MPH/KPH speedometer that is adjustable

o an adjustable tachometer that as per your wish can remain displayed on the saddlebags

o a provision for your checking the oil pressure where you can also set the warning point

o a provision for checking the fuel level on a routine basis. This provision is however optional.

o a voltmeter that warns you if the voltage is low

It is so very smooth sailing and efficient that a nickel can be made to balance on the tank even when the motorcycle runs at a speed of 10,000 rpm!

You can use such motorcycle saddlebags which tie the two halves together, allow the two yokes to overlap, thus, causing an alignment of the holes. This will ensure your having space so that the bag bottom does not touch the exhaust pipe. The engine being slick and smooth is an additional advantage that you, for sure, won’t mind to pay for.

In order to protect the Kawasaki saddlebags, make them more or less shock proof and ensure their safety, cover them with proper soft and thick lever covers, preferably made of Buffalo leather. You should go for lever covers that are 80oz thick and are made of genuine saddlebag leather. You can also opt for the Milwaukee Joker leather vest that is made of cowhide, which possess efficient tailoring and in which detailing is done throughout the vest to ensure sophistication.

Kawasaki products come into the market in various styles and sizes. So, it is hard for places to be recommended where the tabs to your bike can be secured. When the motorcycle engines, GPz, were designed by engineers of Kawasaki Company, they looked into two areas with special concerns-

o its power-the Engineers ensured that the vehicle runs with extreme smoothness and has a high midrange power

o its look-they gave it a dye cast license plate that has a paint on it of Carbon fiber. This gives the bike a high tech look

The Kawasaki Company also made sure that their product could reach to the masses. For this, they launched into the market some low priced bikes with omnipotent ZX-11 mill. These, however had enough power rendered by its small intake. Also, in these bikes an alteration was brought in the cam profiles and the saddlebags.

Through all these it is quite clear that the Kawasaki Company strives forth for extreme customer satisfaction, bringing innovations in their products’ look, style, efficiency and of course, in the quality of the Kawasaki saddlebags.