Infant Thrush – 3 Simple Ways to Git Rid of Thrush Fast

So what exactly is thrush and what causes it?

Thrush is basically a yeast infection of the mouth. It is caused by spores that can be found in the air just about anywhere. It mostly affects babies because they do not yet have the ability to fight off these types of yeast naturally.

Sometimes cases of thrush are accompanied by diaper rash also caused by yeast. However, the diaper rash is not necessary to diagnose a child with thrush.

If your baby has it, you will see a white film on the baby's tongue and possibly inside the baby's lips and cheeks. Some may mistake this for milk, but if you can not wipe it off, it's probably thrush.

There are three proven methods of removing thrush. The first two are old home remedies that doctor's are advising parents to use in lieu of prescriptions. The third option is a medicine that must be prescribed by your doctor.

1. Milk of Magnesia. Milk of Magnesia can be purchased at any grocery store or drug store. You may already have some lying around the house. You will need a Q-tip to apply it to the baby's entire mouth. Dip the Q-tip in the bottle and then paint the baby's tongue, roof of the mouth, and insides of the cheeks and lips with the solution. Do this after each feeding. You should notice a difference in a few days.

2. Gentian Violet. Gentian Violet is a dye that can be found in the pharmacy section of your drug store. Using a Q-tip, paint the child's mouth with the solution twice a day. You should start to see results in a few days. Be cautious when using this method. This purple dye will stain your clothes or surfaces that it comes in contact with. Also, since your baby is probably drooling allot, it's a good idea to let the baby wear something that you do not mind getting stained.

3. Nystatin. Nystatin is a prescription medication. You will need your physician to prescribe this for your child. Again, you should use a Q-tip to paint the baby's mouth with the solution. This should be done after each feeding. You should see results in a few days.

With each of these methods, continue to apply the solution for 2 to 3 days after the thrush clears. This is to ensure that any yeast that can not see has also been eliminated. You must also make sure that bottles and all bottle parts are sterilized after each use. Otherwise, you can expose your child to the yeast again.

In most cases, thrush is not painful to a child, but it is a nuisance. My children all had thrush as babies and I have used each of the methods above successfully. They are all inexpensive and convenient ways to deal with the problem. However, if you can not get rid of the yeast on your own, please make sure to notify your doctor.