Indigestion – Insulating The Body From Painful Tummy Acids



If you have been to a party and have taken too many fatty foods, you would in all likelihood have indigestion. Indigestion is a common tummy dysfunction. Everyone has felt this discomfort called indigestion at some point or the other. However, the most complain of indigestion is flatulence or formation of gas in the tummy. Long with it comes the uneasy feeling of something solid and bitter coming up the food pipe or the esophagus. This is nothing but the stomach acid rising.


Some other symptoms of indigestion are nausea, a burning sensation or pain particularly in the upper portion of your abdomen, and you may even feel bloated. Indigestion also causes heartburn and unstoppable burping.


There is, of course, no need for worry if you had indigestion after a heavy dinner. However, if indigestion keeps on recording with an uncanny regularity, then do consult a doctor. Such frequent indigestion can be a sign of a serious tummy ailment. Indigestion without having any fatty meals is definitely not natural.
Prolonged and rather repeated indigestion can be the cause of the irritation of the tummy lining or of the duodenum. The duodenum hollow tube connects the stomach and the jejunum (the central and shortest portion of the small intestine). Such aggravation can aggravate into life-threatening ulcers. Mentionably, many confuse heart burn with this dysfunction. But heart burn is basically due to the irritation of the esophagus.


Dyspepsia reiterates to the recurring pain in the tummy. Dyspepsia is also accompanied by heart burn, nausea and indigestion. Dyspepsia can be caused by ulcers in the stomach. These ulcers are formed by the hydrochloric acids. The situation can be aggravated by heart burn and indigestion. Certain drugs used in schizophrenia and arthritis have also been identified as primary causes of dyspepsia.


If you go to bed late or take your major meals quite late, you can have acid indigestion. So, always follow a proper diet roster. It is always advisable to have homemade meals. If you can not make the time, then opt for a hygienic locale. Moreover, have the meals at the fixed times. Go for a nutritious breakfast. Then you can skip the lunch. Have lunch before noon and supper latest by nine. Avoid fast food as much as possible.
Do not hit the bed immediately after the major meals. Allow the meal to settle down. Walk leisurely for some time after the meals.
Kick away the habit many people have of drinking water between and immediately after the meals. The water leads to flatulence formation. Allow at least 30 minutes between the meal and the glass of water.
Spice may be appealing to the palate. It is very dangerous for the tummy. Spicy foods trigger off flatulence. Similar is the case with the mouth watering dairy products. How many can say 'NO!' to chocolates? But then do not rue the day if you have acid indigestion later on. The best option is to stay away from these lollipop booby traps. Having them in limited quantity once in a blue moon is okay, though!
Just as overeating is akin to inviting indigestion so also is drinking too much of alcohol or even caffeine. The other popular hobby of hundreds of people, sometimes smoking is also a culprit.


To get immediate relief, you can go for antacids. These antacids are readily available in any chemist's shop. Antacids cure indigestion by neutralizing the hydrochloric acids that form in the tummy. The fatty substances that we consume accelerate the acid formation process. This leads to the uncomfortable feeling of indigestion.


To provide your body guaranteed immunity from indigestion, take to breathing and yogic exercises. One simple yogic byam also called asana (exercise) is the 'Bajrasana'. After you have your meal, kneel down with your feet fingers bent outside under your buttocks. Place your hands on your knees. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths and concentrate on the food in your tummy. Imagine that they being digested. Wait for just five seconds and then exhale. Repeat it 10 times. Email me if you do not feel relaxed.
Early in the morning after brushing your teeth, just gulp down five grains of rice. Wait for some time and then drink at least 400 milligrams of water. This will stop indigestion and also ensure smooth bowel movement. Beside, you will not feel hungry or feel the formation of gas if you have to skip lunch during the day.
Last but not the least, remember this principle. It is after all your body. Learn to respect it and it will respect you. Do not overuse this machine. The parts may get worn out. Do not treat is as a dustbin! You may have to spend a fortune overhauling it!