Incurable Yeast Infection Reversed

You should not make the very bad mistake to think that yeast infections or candidiasis are confined to women only. Likewise vulnerable areas of the body are many, and clinical proof exposes a fact that is most uncomfortable to conventional physician-mindset, that yeast infection is behind a number of seemingly incurable ill-health conditions.

Candida Albicans lives in your intestine.

The undeniable facts are that candida albicans is a naturally occurring microbe or fungi, whose primary place of residence is your large intestine. Accordingly. your own body produces what is known as beneficial bacteria, which keep yeast at bay, so to speak,and naturally maintain your body’s systems in natural harmony.

A number of short-sighted actions on your part, can very easily deplete the beneficial bacteria, which in turn upsets the natural balance that must exist for good health, and thus causing an overgrowth of the yeast. If that yeast overgrowth breaches the confines of your intestines, then a number of health problems can be set in motion.

Yeast overgrowth triggers

The usual trigger actions on your part that deplete the beneficial bacteria include overuse of antibiotics directly or indirect via consumption especially of meat and diary products from livestock that is routinely treated with an abundance of antibiotics.With the clear exception of Organic farming, the so called modern farming today is literally awash in use of antibiotics and hormones in a quest for more profits Also be aware that your frequent consumption of refined and artificial sugars in solid foods or liquids accelerates yeast infection.

The overgrowth of yeast if severe enough is known as systemic candidiasis and can lead to organ failure, while in less severe cases your body feels badly run down as your immune system struggles to fight the yeast overgrowth and the vulnerability window that is now open for opportunistic infections and illnesses.

Emergency measure against candida yeast infection.

At this point, time is of the essence, move fast for proper help. And as an emergency measure, among yeast infection treatments, is the prescription drug flucanozole, that is effective for any type of yeast flare-up. That is a short term measure to get you stabilized, otherwise it’s continued use can be a very serious threat to your liver, not to mention adverse interactions with various drugs such as warfarin and the oral antidiabetic drugs. In other words, if you have candida yeast infection or chronic yeast infections, pay close attention to the following.

You are not out of the woods yet, and you quickly have to think alternative approaches, because most doctors will not write a prescription for any candida yeast infection symptoms beyond the usual vaginal yeast infection or (cutaneous) skin yeast infection. Even more insurance companies are refusing to cover yeast infection medication prescriptions beyond the routine symptoms of yeast infections. Inevitably,you are then ushered onto a not so merry go around of misdiagnosis, one after another.

You do not have to panic because nature’s alternative and effective yeast infection remedy or means to get rid of yeast infection is as simple as re-establishing your body’s natural balance of beneficial bacteria, as part of a candida diet, and therefore wipe out the yeast overgrowth. It is obvious, is it not, that drugs cannot do that.

The proven Maori candida yeast fighter

Now you have help, all the way from the native land of the nature respecting native Maoris, in New Zealand, by way of a plant called Pseudowintera Colorata, whose leaves have been used for centuries by the indigenous Maori to get rid of fungal infections, digestive ailments and venereal diseases, permanently.

Quicker than you can blink, the European settlers quickly adopted that Maori wisdom of restoring good health, otherwise you would not be learning about it this day. There are two creams, one for vaginal yeast infection, which has minimized the herb’s heat, and the other cream contains the strongest extract of the herb mixed with tea tree oil to tackle foot and toenail fungus. The capsule form is made for intestinal candidiasis

The fungicidal abilities of this Maori plant is second to none as demonstrated in 1982, by the clinical research scientists from New Zealand’s Canterbury University. They found that the plan’s extract was by far more effective than the best pharmaceutical candida treatments amphotericin B at inhibiting fungus growth, and lo and behold, it works faster.You will simply not believe the speed of this natural and totally safe extract.

The clinical scientists indicate that as a natural yeast infection cure, the active ingredients of the plant work by disturbing the yeast cell membranes, causing them to leak and die.

Doctors at health clinics throughout New Zealand using the plant extract in the form of capsules as treatment for candida (systemic candida) reported an astounding 76% improvement rate among their patients. And from the doctors working with the cream version as a natural cure for yeast infection, a very welcome improvement rate of 89% against vaginal candidiasis was confirmed.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

The symptoms of yeast infection are numerous, and a few of the most common ones for most sufferers are as follows,

> Loss of sex drive,painful intercourse,painful or irregular menstrual cycles,vaginitis,impotence,bladder or kidney infections,burning during urination, cystitis, discoloration on the penis.

> Allergies to perfumes, nail polish,odors,chemicals, foods.

> Digestive disorders including heartburn,,constipation,abdominal bloating or pain,gas or diarrhea.

> Athlete’s foot,skin eczema,jock itch,fungal infections,vaginal or rectal itching or itching skin.

Yeast Infection Cause

> Regular consumption of refined and artificial sugars in foods or liquids. Consumption of citric acid, which is in most sodas, and have you noticed?

> The now constant drug culture of antibiotics, birth control pills ( and by the way, there is a post in the works, as it were, on how birth control pills are subtley ravaging the health of a woman), steroid use including cortisone, the short-sighted use of hormone replacement therapy, chemotherapy ( such side effects of this can be easily alleviated by a simoultaneous use of a unique type of natural glutathione).


Thrush is the fungal infection of the mouth or the candidiasis of the mouth and throat, and Kolorex tea helps to keep under control such recurring cases of thrush.