Increase Your Liver Function with Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass juice does wonders for the body when it comes to detoxification. The main reason why this is so, is because wheatgrass juice does wonders for the overall health of the Liver. By improving the health of just this one organ, we can improve the well-being of our whole entire body. Wheatgrass juice offers, many nutrients, and vitamins that are essential to keep the liver functioning at its optimal level.

The liver is the largest internal organ and the largest gland in your body. It is responsible for up to over 500 different functions. Some of its functions include hormone production, detoxification, glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, cleansing the blood and reorganizing nutrients. The liver is so essential that the body can not compensate for its absence. Up to 90 percent of the liver can be destroyed before any serious symptoms arise. And even though the liver is one of the few organs that have regenerative powers, once it is too late, it is very hard to reverse damage done to the liver. One of the main responsibilities of the liver is to clean the blood and remove toxic waste. Unfortunately, when the liver is damaged by infectious microbes, irritants and fatty degeneration it loses many of its “blood cleansing abilities.”

Wheatgrass juice contains many vitamins and nutrients that the body needs and uses, but it contains 3 compounds that are essential for a healthy liver. The “three compounds found abundantly in wheatgrass help the liver stay vital and healthy… Choline works to prevent the deposition of fat, magnesium helps draw out excess fat in the same way magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) will draw pus from an infection, and potassium acts as an invigorator and stimulant.”

Dr. Wattenburg of the University of Minnesota found that when rats were fed a diet of all vitamins and minerals, but highly purified (our diets are about 50 – 75% purified) they were unable to produce an enzyme that deactivates carcinogens in the liver. However, when these same rats were fed greens, they were able to produce an enzyme called indole that is found in wheatgrass, which has the ability to deactivate carcinogens in the liver.

Another interesting find was reported by Dr. Charles Schnabel in January 1980, published in Acres USA. He compared the health of Leghorn hens receiving 5 percent fresh young grass to Leghorn hens being fed alfalfa. At the conclusion of his experiment he found that the hens being fed the young fresh grass “were far healthier than the others, as indicated by their richer, darker blood and livers (grass-fed hens had dark mahogany-colored livers, while the alfalfa-fed hen’s livers were light tan in color).”  As you can see, that even though extensive research has yet to be done on wheatgrass and liver function, there is plenty of literature and research that shows that wheatgrass can help tremendously to improve liver function.

The liver is not only the largest internal organ in your body, it is possibly one of the most essential organs that you have. Wheatgrass juice contains an abundance of vitamins, nutrients and compounds that will help to increase the overall function of your liver. That is why you should try wheatgrass juice and begin to incorporate it in your everyday diet. You have nothing to lose, but a world of health to gain.

Source: “The Wheatgrass Book” by Ann Wigmore