Inching Towards Iceland

When we hear vacation, usually people see tropical islands with white sand beaches; not many automatically think of Iceland. This incredible land mass of volcanoes, lava fields, mountains, glaciers, and charming little towns is not your average destination, but if you want a vacation that will be remembered forever this one must go on your list.

Have you seen movies such as Tomb Raider, Die Another Day, and Batman Begins? Well if you didn’t know some of those scenes are shot in Iceland. In beautiful Skaftafell National Park. This park looks like it is stolen straight out of a comic book, where fire and water always fight, while thick greens of birch woods and black desert surround the entrances. There are waterfalls which flow over black basalt cliffs; cruise ship size glaciers take over the horizon; and lagoons which take travelers inside ice caves they can explore. Guided tours through glaciers and ice caves depart daily and finish off with hot bowls of soup and other warm food to create sublime experiences.

If the cold is not something that particularly calls to your heart, Iceland’s uncommon mixture of geography works in your favor. Because of Iceland’s volcanic activities, a lot of geysers appear; scattered all over the county. These geysers create hot springs and natural thermal pools, and watching one erupt with a hot stream going feet into the air is like no other experience. The most popular of these springs is the Blue Lagoon. The water temperature here reaches between 98F and 103F. But that isn’t all this Blue Lagoon has to offer. Many say that the water is magical. Due to the rich amount of silica and minerals in the water, it has been known to help, and in some cases cure skin diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis. There is also a spa and a restaurant located on the banks of the lagoon.

At night, after a day of hiking and jumping into hot springs, one can see the beauty that is the Aurora Borealis, or more commonly known as the Northern Lights. They often occur because of the latitude of Iceland, and the increase of solar activity up north rather than at lower latitudes. During the late fall and winter months is the best time to experience these, for the solar activity levels rise during these months, and the lights appear to be brighter and more common than during spring and summer.

Not only is the geography of this country captivating but its wildlife will take your breath away as well. During the months, May and September, whales migrate from down south back up north to begin hunting. Most whales stay close to the Arctic Circle, thus making Iceland one of the best places to see these magnificent mammals. Whale watching tours depart daily and make for great photo sessions, to show friends and family.

From basalt cliffs and ice caves to hot springs and whale watching Iceland has it all. The underrated vacation destination has much to offer and more memories to be made.