Incentivizing Yourself for Weight Loss


Even if you feel defeated by trying weight loss, it's worth it to keep trying. Use some of the tips below to incentivize your weight loss efforts and improve your life.

Improve your life by spending less time in the kitchen by reducing the total time each week that you spend preparing food. Consider purchasing low-calorie meals that are available at the grocery store rather than deciding to change the menu variety you prepare to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen rather than trying to develop a healthy menu.

Enjoy your neighborhood and the outdoors by shopping more frequently and walking to the store instead of driving there as a replacement for a weekly shopping trip. If you're not close enough to a grocery store to walk, consider shopping for a few days' worth of groceries at a time rather than anticipating everything you want to eat for the week.

Increase your awareness of your body and its ability to move by increasing your physical activity kindly throughout the day during times when you're not at the gym. Even if you're working out, consider other activities you enjoy that keep you moving outside the house such as strolling through the mall or going to a park.

Feel more rested by going to bed at night earlier and trying to get up earlier in the morning in order to get your day started and avoid typical late-night, sedentary activities such as watching television or using the computer.

Consider grocery shopping at a store that has an inexpensive produce that you can purchase to try out different low-calorie snacks and see whether they fit into your lifestyle rather than over-spending on produce that you'll end up throwing away.

Do not rely on gimmicks or supplements unless your healthcare professional has advised that you jump-start weight loss through the use of such products in order to avoid any side effects that could have arisen from the use of such products.

Avoid unnecessary expenses for health care you currently incur because of your weight issues and tally up how much you¡¯re spending a month on seeing those professionals, including costs such as those incurred from less traditional medicine or mental health services, and use money savings as an incentive for weight loss.

Consider taking up hobbies that are sedentary and occupy your hands such as crocheting, painting, or doing jigsaw puzzles that you can do while you're watching television, if you tend to snack while you watch TV.

If you eat something that you did not plan on eating, do not give up on watching calories for the rest of the day. If you can, throw out the reminder of the food that you should not have been eating and do not buy it again. If you can not, put the food away and continue your calorie count for the day.

Incentivizing yourself to stick with weight-loss goals can be a big boost to helping you stick with your weight-loss plans. Use lifestyle benefits recommended above as a way to begin connecting weight-loss with positive lifestyle results.