In The Wrong Job? – CareersCoach

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you are in the right job? Or if there is some other job out there that might be a better fit? To find out take our quiz.

The alarm goes off on Monday morning. . .

A. You leap out of bed! Because Monday is your favorite day!

B. You switch off the snooze button on your alarm at least 3 or 4 times then roll out
of bed and attempt to brush your teeth and hair at the same time so that you are not late for work.

C. You grumble under your breath that the only reason to get out of bed on a Monday morning is so that you can smile at that hot guy on the train.

Your boss commends you for a job well done …

A. You beam with happiness and are proud that you have a fantastic job and a satisfied Boss – life does not get better that this!

B. Your initial thought is "Yep, and when do I get the pay rise and promotion to go with that".

C. You fantasize about having a really exciting job where you could actually feel proud of your achievements.

Someone else gets the promotion that you have been vying for …

A. You are lightly relieved because it would be sad to change jobs anyway and everything happens for a reason.

B. You are justifiably frustrated because you worked hard for the opportunity but realize that you will just have to step things up so that you do not miss out next time.

C. You want to scream … "Kill Me! Someone Kill me now!"

What feels like an innocent rash turns out to be Shingles and you find yourself bound to bed …

A. You immediately feel depressed that you dislike being off work. By 10am you are on the phone to the office asking if they could e-mail through some work.

B. You feel a bit nervous about missing out on any opportunities but realize that the rest will do you good.

C. You tearfully thank the doctor and head to the DVD shop.

Out of the blue a recruiter calls you regarding a job opportunity … you …

A. Thank them for calling then gush about how much you love your job and how wonderful your boss is.

B. You feel immediately flattered but cautious to ensure that that they have really good job opportunity before committing to anything.

C. You struggle to maintain inner control because you initial instinct is to scream "get me out of here!"

You are most likely to be called into the HR department for a meeting because …

A. You have too much accepted leave.

B. They know to contact you about any internal opportunities.

C. For anger management counseling because you have been throwing phones around the office

You receive a personal call at work … you ….

A. Keep the call to a minimum, after all you are at work.

B. Chat for a few minutes then arrange a time to catch up after work.

C. Try to keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible, annoying all your work collections, who can hear every word of your conversation.

You volunteer to work on a new project because …

A. You are always keen to work on any new projects.

B. You heard that it could lead to a promotion opportunity.

C. Any project has got to be better than the one you have been working on.

What your answers mean

Mostly A's

You are in the right job for right now and that is fantastic! The only thing that you have to be wary of is ensuring that you do not get too comfortable and in the process neglect your personal and career development. Keep working where you are for now but take on some after-hours study to do a personal development course just to keep you fresh so that you have options if and when you have decided to make a change.

Mostly B's

You are a realist and some days you love your job and other days you do not. You are mostly satisfied but keen to keep developing your career. Keep your communication channel open with recruiters and look out for internal opportunities. Set yourself goals and continuously brush up on your communication skills so that you can make the most of any opportunities that come your way.

Mostly C's

You hate your job so why are you still there? Spruce up your resume, hire a career coach, work out what you want to do, set some career goals and get a new job!